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Here, we look back at twelves months of Twitter tantrums, Instagram kurfuffles and Youtube dustups — a year in the life of Indonesian social media.
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Seeing businesses succeed at “the bottom of the pyramid,” a phrase popularized by late management-thought leader C.K. Prahalad, is no longer a starry-eyed vision. A host of firms have generated profits from a global market of around 4 billion people ensnared in poverty but worth $5 trillion in purchasing power, in sectors spanning telecommunications to more »
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Frequent fliers no longer have to put jet lag on the list of life’s certainties, along with death and taxes. Jet Lag Rooster is an online calculator that takes into account your travel itinerary and tells you when to seek or avoid the sun. Although research has shown that exposure to natural light is one more »
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Sidney Lim, 48, stumbled across his grandmother’s Peranakan kitchenware 25 years ago, volunteered to take it home, and has never looked back. Since then, his collection has grown to encompass everything from decorative kitchenware to jewellery with hand cut diamonds embedded in gold. “The diamonds are irregular, and they may not be as bright as more »
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Even if you didn’t catch Venus in Fur, New York based director Ed Sylvanus Iskandar’s recent Singapore debut at the Singapore Repertory Theatre, note his name. Iskandar may yet be a major force in Singapore theatre. The 31 year old Indonesian was recently appointed SRT’s artist in residence and he’s got a plan to engage audiences more »
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With only 300 Masters of Wine (MWs) in the world, earning the qualification is like winning the Olympic medal of the vine. MWs can take up any discipline in the wine industry, from winemaking and viticulture to retail and writing, and gain respect. But to qualify takes absurd levels of dedication – about eight years to more »
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In recent years, no pastry has been more sought after in Singapore or Indonesia than le macaron. Shops like TWG and Canele have fuelled macaron mania by creating a myriad of flavours but, for purists, there is only one brand worth the sugar rush – Laduree. Widely acknowledged as the creator of the macaron, the French more »
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As with anything derived from nature, anomalies are inevitable. The creation of cognac, a product of acidic grapes and fussy terroir, is no different. From hundreds of casks, each of them nurturing precious eaux-de-vie, some of the aged or ageing spirits are bound to go slightly astray. It is then up to the cellar masters more »
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Among the many culinary divides that span the globe, one of the most fundamental concerns rice: namely, short grain or long grain. Plump and pearly, the former is favoured across most of South and South-east Asia, and southern Europe. In Iran, North India and the US, devotees of the long grain variety love how the slim, more »
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