Bekasi Judge Caught with Women and Drugs in Jakarta Nightclub

By webadmin on 02:58 pm Oct 17, 2012
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Mikael Niman

Police arrested a Bekasi state court judge at a club in West Jakarta, a spokesman for the court said on Wednesday.

Officers with the National Anti-Narcotic Agency (BNN) arrested the judge at Illigals, a club on Jalan Hayam Wuruk in West Jakarta, at around 5 p.m. on Tuesday, according to Jamaluddin Samosir, the court’s spokesman.

They caught the judge, only identified as “PW,” with four women and in possession of Ecstasy pills and crystal methamphetamine at a private karaoke lounge at the club.

The court has not received an official notification about the arrest, according to Jamaluddin.

“We are still waiting a notification letter from the BNN and we cannot yet take any action [until it arrives]. The head of the Bekasi state court already reported [the incident] to the Supreme Court and the latter may soon take measures [regarding the case],” Jamaluddin said.

He added that the court fully supported any move decided by the Supreme Court.

“If [a] judge [is] guilty, then action must be taken,” he said.

The spokesman added that PW worked at the Bekasi court for about a year and was previously a judge in Papua.

“While at the Bekasi court, he was once found guilty of ethical violations, but we cannot say whether he is a drug consumer,” he said.

The BNN declined to immediately comment on the report.

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