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Titled “ KM 39, Depok Tempo Dulu ” (“KM 39, Depok of Old”), it’s all too easy to assume that its creator, Nasikin Setiono, is romanticizing the colonial past of the city. But a closer look shows that not all that glitters is gold.
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Showcasing soulful vocals atop immaculately-produced, modern R and B beats, Jakarta-based singer Neonomora could easily be mistaken for a Western artist. Fittingly, the initial buzz around her was build heavily through music platforms on the Internet.
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Pangeran Diponegoro is a name known to Indonesians everywhere. As one in a highly regarded line of Indonesian national heroes, the Javanese prince’s tale of bravery and ideals are ingrained through history lessons in school and his continuing legacy in texts, films, even the much-traversed street in Central Jakarta named after him.
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Vandals attacked a giant green inflatable sculpture in one of the most famous squares in Paris in the early hours of Saturday after its resemblance to a sex toy sparked an outcry.
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An oil painting attributed to 17th-century Spanish master Diego Velazquez, found languishing in a back room of Yale University, has been returned to Spain for an exhibition in Valazquez’s hometown Seville.
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Indonesian artists are attempting to raise awareness in the young generation regarding environmental issues through theatrical performances.
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With a number of events, ranging from discussions and readings to performances and live cooking demonstrations, Indonesia took the first step towards its new role next year at the Frankfurt Book Fair.
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“Looking for Borneo” by Mark Heyward, David Metcalf and Khan Wilson is not just a book; it’s an event, a multimedia extravaganza.
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Italian jazz singer’s Gege Telesforo’s scat solo punctuated his quartet’s funk infused song, making the composition live up to its titular “New Joy.”
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