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In a way, Aditita Bercerita is closer to a brand than it is to any kind of traditional publishing company.
12:00 pm July 29, 2014 | 1 Comment
It’s been an incredibly hectic month for Raflesia. A part-time housemaid, a wife and a mother of three, this Ramadan she joins the legions of Indonesians running a one-person business selling traditional Indonesian snacks for breaking the fast and Idul Fitri celebration.
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Among the 2013’s Best Street Art, as listed by the online forum The VandalList are 24 works done by world renowned street artists like Mona Caron from San Francisco, Berlin-based Andreas “Case” von Chrzanowski, and the most famous of them all: Banksy. But my attention turned to one particular work featured by VandalList done by a familiar street artist who hailed from the island of Nusa Penida just off of Bali.
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Taking on the theme “Kaligrafi: Hikmah Ramadan” (“Calligraphy: The Blessing of Ramadan”), the exhibition seeks to explore Koranic calligraphy and contemplate on the meaning of Islamic faith through various artistic mediums.
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Fairland Ferguson, the stunt rider, is one of many stars of Cavalia, but her gleeful personality and strong presence on stage led her to become the inspiration behind the main character in the 2012 animated hit movie “Brave.”
1:04 pm July 23, 2014 | 1 Comment
The three are among the contestants on the Lifetime Channel’s new reality show, “Mom’s Time Out.” Set to premiere on Aug. 28, the show is nothing less than a social experiment that sets out to turn the Asian notion of nuclear families on its head.
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Having just shown her work at a solo exhibition titled “The Women Build Heaven” at the Maquinas gallery in Porto, Portugal, Magelang-based artist Anzi Matta is making a splash within the local art scene.
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Agan is one of 13 contemporary Indonesian artists whose works are featured in the exhibition “No Painting Today,” which is on show from July 14-20 at the Pacific Place mall in Jakarta. The 21 works come from the collection of Wiyu, Indra and other collectors like Arif Suhirman, Nicholas Tan and Tom Tandio.
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The “Konser Tujuh Hari Untuk Kemenangan Rakyat” (“Seven Days for the People’s Triumph Concert”) event featured some of the leading names in the arts, among them guitarists Abdee Negara and Ridho Hafiedz from rock band Slank, and Dewa Budjana of GIGI. Others include stalwart jazz pianist Indra Lesmana, rapper Saykoji, and songstresses Dira Sugandi, Nina Tamam and Oppie Andaresta.
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