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Conservative soulmates Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe will hold formal talks in Tokyo on Monday to cement a blossoming relationship between India and Japan, on a visit that began with a bear hug and a tour of Kyoto.
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Advances by jihadists in Syria and Iraq, and US calls for a coalition against them have made Gulf monarchies set aside disputes over Qatar’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood, analysts say. Wary of spectacular gains made by Islamic State jihadists, the oil-rich monarchies fear the militants could advance towards their own borders, where the extreme ideologies could find support.
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A blaze at a vast rubbish dump home to 6 million tons of putrefying trash and toxic effluent has kindled fears that poor planning and lax law enforcement are tipping Thailand toward a waste crisis.
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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday sharply raised the stakes in the Ukraine conflict by calling for the first time for statehood to be considered for the restive east of the former Soviet state.
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Transport services in Bangladesh ground to a halt on Sunday as Islamists enforced a nationwide strike to protest at the murder of a television star who presented popular Islamic shows.
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China’s top legislative committee insisted on Sunday on the authorities’ right to choose candidates for the leadership of Hong Kong, state media said, a move likely to trigger protests in the former British colony.
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India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi toured the ancient Japanese city of Kyoto on Sunday, the second day of a visit intended to strengthen security and economic relations and counter a increasingly assertive China.
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Australia said on Sunday it would help the United States in an international effort to transport weapons to Kurdish forces fighting Islamic State militants in Iraq.
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Macau re-elected its incumbent leader in an unchallenged contest Sunday as the gambling hub faces growing calls for democracy amid anger over deteriorating living conditions and government accountability.
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