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The latest Truefitt & Hill outlet, strategically located in the heart of the city and adjacent to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is but one of the many more outlets planned for the Malaysian market in the coming years.
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Walters stayed true to his ‘Axe Man’ monicker, impressively battering Donaire with his bruising style and quick reflexes.
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So does anyone doubt that if President Obama had appointed a medical expert to become the Ebola “czar” to manage the Ebola virus crisis, many Republicans would have criticized him for not appointing someone with experience in crisis management, media and political communications? Or if the president had appointed someone with those media/political skills, they […]
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Founded by designers Carline Darjanto and Ria Sarwono, Cotton Ink first came onto the scene with their distinctive tubular scarves, but has since expanded to tops, skirts, pants, shorts and casual dresses. The label even has an extensive bag and tote selection, so make sure to take a look at their official website.
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Cage Fighter is a brand that places focus on the fans, the mixed martial artists, the wrestlers, the baddest athletes on the planet.
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The recent filing of a judicial review to the Constitutional Court, arguing that interfaith marriage should be allowed in Indonesia, has re-triggered the voicing of some diverse views on Indonesia’s founding principles.
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Bakhache Luxuries encompasses a myriad of high-end brands, including fine jewellery supplier Mouawad, and the oldest barbershop in the world – Truefitt & Hill – of which Bakhache owns four branches in the country.
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To the people of Hong Kong, the grass may be greener in Indonesia. But were they to look into the real course of Indonesia’s democracy, the discovery may well be disappointing. To say the situation is an irony would be an understatement.
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He’s been able to take down every opponent he has faced in his ONE FC career so far and it’s no coincidence that he has won every single fight
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