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“Brazilian Football and Their Enemies” is the first book released by Pandit Football Indonesia, a group of talented writers providing football statistics, in-depth analysis, post-match reviews, articles with unique scientific perspectives and other interesting reads featured on their website.
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The following is a poem from a chapter on ‘“The Wisdom of Elevation and Prophecy in the Word of Jesus” by Ibn ‘Arabi’s Fusus Al-Hikam (translated fro Arabic by Cecilia Twinch): As for the spiritual bringing to life through knowledge, this is luminous, sublime, eternal, divine life about which God said, “Or whoever was dead […]
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Late last week, Yahoo Screen announced that they have just picked up the hit comedy show “Community” has just been picked up for a sixth season.
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What happened to effective and efficient communication? Since when did we stop being satisfied with short, easy-to-digest words?
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I was buying books more than I was finishing them, the ratio being 3:1, at best, and the only way to feel good about this is to gaze upon my collection and marvel at how aesthetically pleasing they all looked stacked together.
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More than being a football movie, "Cahaya Dari Timur: Beta Maluku" is a movie that inspires viewers to fight for their belief in humanity.
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“I feel like I'm fooling people, because, you know, in my videos and in all what John Green and all those amazing people have said about me. Like, they say these amazing things about me, I feel like I'm fooling you all because I'm not always amazing. I'm not always awesome. I'm not always strong. And I'm not always brave. And you guys should know that,” 16-year-old Esther Earl says in a video posted to YouTube nearly four years ago.
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Fajar Merah was only a toddler when her father Wiji Thukul went missing in 1998. Wiji, a prominent poet and activist, disappeared sixteen years ago this month during a turmoil that ushered the nation into a Reformation era. Fajar, now in his early 20s, has grown up to be a singer-songwriter in his hometown of Central […]
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Welcome to the fictional Jakarta, where you can kill anyone on the streets and thugs could be lurking from just any corner. A city that is divided by organized criminal clans like a delicious pie into portions of illegal business territories. For Rama (Iko Uwais), a young cop with exceptional talent in martial arts, the […]
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