3:28 pm April 2, 2014 | 1 Comment
Welcome to the fictional Jakarta, where you can kill anyone on the streets and thugs could be lurking from just any corner. A city that is divided by organized criminal clans like a delicious pie into portions of illegal business territories. For Rama (Iko Uwais), a young cop with exceptional talent in martial arts, the more »
4:04 pm March 26, 2014 | 1 Comment
During a poetry workshop at the ASEAN Literary Festival last Friday, a member of the audience stood up and asked a question that would further become a critical point of the discussion in the workshop. The young man asked the panel, which consisted of Indonesian poet Khairani Barokka and Khrisna Pabhicara as well as Singaporean more »
1:21 pm January 22, 2014 | No Comment
Directed by The Mo Brothers, "Killers" is a co-production between Indonesia’s Guerilla Merah Films and Japan’s Nikkatsu production company.
2:30 pm January 17, 2014 | No Comment
Australian duo Bag Raiders brought seriously good tunes to Kemang's Parc 19 earlier this month. That night, the club was packed with Jakarta’s hip young people enjoying themselves dancing all night long. Members Jack Glass and Chris Stracey flew to Bali afterwards and gave us a moment of their holiday time to answer some questions.
4:15 pm January 15, 2014 | No Comment
Dramatic and gloomy — with a splash of tension, "Yves Saint Laurent" directed by Jalil Lespert sheds light on how Saint Laurent’s romantic relationship with millionaire Pierre Bergé inspired his works and influenced his career as they built together the YSL Couture House.
11:30 am January 8, 2014 | No Comment
Indonesia’s annual Love Garage returns on Jan. 14 with the theme this year “Love Can Save The Universe”. Kicking-off to a great start with French alternative rock band Phoenix headlining their 4th edition, alongside more artists and DJs set to join the lineup. Like its previous installments, this year’s event will be held at eX more »
11:38 am January 7, 2014 | No Comment
Say the word “fashion”, and all we think is the latest trends. But as we enter 2014, let’s see something else other than those cool inspirations from fashion weeks. In a retrospective way, we’ve chosen for you the best stories from the fashion scene in 2013.
11:42 am January 2, 2014 | No Comment
Here, a look back at six highlights in the Indonesian fashion scene throughout 2013.
1:36 pm November 28, 2013 | 1 Comment
Traveling is more than just spending time in a particular place. On a deeper level it enables us to learn many things from our destination, such as the language, culture and its people. Agustinus Wibowo is an Indonesian travel writer whose travel experiences have taken him through Asia and the Middle East. He said that more »
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