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Hopeless, frightened, butchered and bruised. It was 2006 and I was flying away from an abusive husband and eight years of bad marriage. With neither a family nor a safe place to turn to, I only had an address from a portable calendar in my home: The Women Crisis Center in South Jakarta. A counselor assisted me through a confusing and painful process, from psychological counseling to the legal plea. She provided guidance to understand my situation, offered me a safe house as well as shelter if needed, and helped me to freely make the best decision. Most importantly, WCC tirelessly and thoroughly assisted me through the whole process. Fast-forward to today as my eyes examine a stack of proposals on my office desk. Eleven WCCs from throughout Indonesia have answered a call for proposals for Pundi Perempuan’s (Pundi) 2014 first term of micro funding. I personally understand the importance of Pundi’s support for the ongoing work of WCCs; having to select just four out of 11 proposals is heart-wrenching.
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The ongoing search for flight MH370 has been complicated by search and rescue teams mistaking ocean garbage for plane crash debris. But while the human tragedy of the missing plane has been well documented, the extent of the ocean trash has gone overlooked.
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A woman’s potential is limitless. It’s a fact that can be proved in so many ways. In honor of Kartini Day, dedicated to the fight for women’s development in Indonesia, which will take place on April 21, seven women ranging in age from 17 to 20 years from Trilogi University in Jakarta are sending a more »
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To the kids of Puskesmas Batua,a community clinic in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Dr. Wayne Holden was larger than life.
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Sidewalks are supposed to be just that — a place for people to walk, to the exclusion of other vehicles and activities. Motorbikes, parking cars, and food hawkers are not legally permitted to infringe on that precious strip of pedestrian space which runs alongside the road. But in Jakarta, the will to enforce that right is in scarce supply.
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Following the lead of CrossFit HQ, CrossFit Senayan in Jakarta has initiated Reps for Relief (R4R), which will take place on March 22 at Sultan Hotel, where CrossFit Senayan is based.
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From the homeless to street vendors trying to eke out a living, Jakarta’s pedestrians have long learned to share their sidewalks, and with the increasing number of vehicles coming into the city, it may take a while before they will finally be able to stroll along the streets unimpeded.
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These products are life-changing in off-grid communities: saving people time and money, improving health and safety, easing pressure on the environment, and opening up new economic opportunities.
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In Jakarta’s uneven sidewalks, street vendors and motorcyclists vie with pedestrians. Sidewalks are reportedly found on only 7 percent of the approximately 7,200 kilometers of the city’s streets. “It is like the law of the jungle, and we [pedestrians] are at the bottom of the pile. The big and the powerful devour the next largest and so it goes down the line. On the road everyone picks on the motorcyclist. On the sidewalks, it is their turn to be the king of the jungle,” Ela, a Jakarta resident, says.
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