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Most donors are unfamiliar with the challenges faced by the caretakers to ensure that all kinds of fundamental and operational needs for the people and organization are cared for. However, recognizing the workload, Bosch Home Appliances– the third-largest home appliance manufacturer in the world – attempts to lighten a basic chore by donating washing machines to a number of charitable foundations around the city.
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Communities around Jakarta are being transformed by volunteer groups.
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In 2012, the Feast went global, and became Feast Worldwide, and today it is a day of independently organized dinner parties in over 40 cities across six continents, that gives people a chance to engage in their local communities in collective action.
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The School of Volunteers (SoV) 2014, a biannual project to encourage high school students to volunteers by creating social projects. The project was initiated in 2010 by Indonesian Future Leaders (IFL), a youth-led organization that focuses on youth development.
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‘Books for Messah’ aims to give the children of remote Messah Island a chance to enjoy reading.
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A group of mobile application developers in Indonesia is trying to shine a light on the plight of Indonesians who continue to go without access to health care, housing and education and direct funding to them, while helping donors feel more engaged in the process.
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Indorelawan is a foundation established to connect social organizations and volunteers. Through their website, local organizations are free to promote their various activities and efforts so interested volunteers may connect with them and donate their time and skills.
5:29 pm September 16, 2014 | 1 Comment
About four weeks ago, a young girl named Eliyatul Ikhlas, battling a rare and debilitating circulatory disorder, innocently wished to celebrate her eleventh birthday for the very first time. Due to the family’s grave economical difficulties and her confining condition, this seemed to be an unobtainable request.
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ow in its third year, the Hidden Park campaign is focusing on Taman Tanjung in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. The campaign this year, called “Sharing Happiness,” kicked off on Saturday and will run through four weekends until Sept. 28th.
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