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It is often said that to successfully move forward, one must know the past. This is exactly what the exhibition “Detournement” is all about. Two artists, Maharani Mancanegara and Nurrachmat Widyasena, each in a separate space at the ROH projects gallery, explore the past from different viewpoints, and different media of expression, but both imagine the future as more balanced and egalitarian.
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The chaos depicted in the painting seems to sear the viewer’s psyche, as much as the deeply etched black and white lines that make up the image. Looming above is a jester presiding over the chaos, along with a ringmaster directing a circus. Titled “Histeria” (“Hysteria”), the work by Denny, an art teacher at the Raudhatul Mutaqqin Islamic Junior High School in West Java, aptly portrays Indonesia’s chaotic spectacle during an election year.
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The past several years have witnessed the revival of print. Native digital establishments, such as the e-commerce giant Net-a-Porter and the fashion news website Style.com, are somewhat counter-intuitively launching new glossies in print.
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Haruki Murakami’s first collection of short stories in nine years hit the shelves in Japan on Friday with some excited fans queueing for the midnight launch.
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What a joy this book is! I love recipe books, but it’s short-lived; I enjoy the pictures for several minutes, read a few pages, and then my eyes glaze over. They are basically books to be used in the kitchen for one recipe at a time.
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Celebrations to mark Putu Wijaya’s 70th birthday reached its crescendo last week as the Indonesian man of letters launched the book “Bertolak Dari Yang Ada” [Defying What Is There] at the Salihara cultural center in South Jakarta.
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As one of the oldest dance companies of the Netherlands, the Internationaal Danstheater has realized that it can only thrive and continue to be successful if it is willing to evolve.
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The disembodied hand makes its way to the colorful surface, as if trying to make its way up from the depths of the psyche to the conscious state of mind. Called “Menghimbau Suara Hatimu” (“Calling On Your Conscience”), the work by artist Yanuar Ernawati seems to portray the conscience’s role as a reminder to oneself to face uncomfortable or unavoidable truths.
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The tree swayed and bent from the pressure of an unknown wind, seemingly on the verge of getting uprooted. Titled “ Cinta Tak Kenal Henti ” or “Love Knows No Bounds,” the work by Indonesian man of letters Putu Wijaya perhaps illustrates its creator’s determination to keep his love for his work, his life, and his loved ones like his wife Dewi Pramunawati alive.
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