Bandung Cafe’s Nazi-Kitsch Theme Sparks Some Uncomfortable Questions

Lack of history taught in schools and a culture of jokes and stereotypes blamed for acceptance of bad-taste diner

Henry Mulyana, foreground, operates the Soldatenkaffee in Bandung, which is decorated with Nazi paraphanelia and has staff dressed in costumes reminiscent of the SS. (JG Photo/Yuli Krisna)

Henry Mulyana, foreground, operates the Soldatenkaffee in Bandung, which is decorated with Nazi paraphanelia and has staff dressed in costumes reminiscent of the SS. (JG Photo/Yuli Krisna)

Bandung/Jakarta. A restaurant in Bandung’s adoption of a Nazi theme has sparked debate on Indonesians’ seemingly relaxed attitude to offensive symbols, with sources of blame ranging from ignorance of history to a cultural tradition of jokes.

Soldatenkaffee has adorned its walls with Nazi-related memorabilia, including a large photograph of Adolf Hitler and a flag with the swastika symbol.

The waiters at the cafe dress in uniforms similar to those worn by officers of the Schutzstaffel (SS), the Nazi paramilitary. And in a nod to a classic Indonesian fried rice, the menu offers “Nazi goreng.”

Henry Mulyana, owner of Soldatenkaffee, said his decor had attracted many curious customers, both local and foreign, since the cafe’s opening in April 2011.

“I realized that displaying the Nazi symbol was going to spark some controversy, but I decided to go for it because I don’t feel I’m violating any laws,” Henry told Jakarta Globe over the weekend.

“Controversy will always exist, depending on from what side we’re looking from. The way I see it, the Nazis didn’t commit slaughter. War is crime, so there will always be acts of murder in a war.

“Even during the Dutch colonization of Indonesia, many Indonesians were killed. This is also the case with Americans and their bombing of Hiroshima. Why are the Nazis seen as bad guys while those belligerent nations are not?”

Denying Nazi responsibility

Henry claimed there was no proof the Nazis were responsible for the Holocaust, the genocide of about 6 million Jews during World War II. He also denied idolizing Hitler or the Nazi ideology.

“The only reason why I put up Hitler’s picture is because it completes the theme I’ve set for my business,” Henry said.

“I’m not personally familiar with the [Nazi] ideology, but even if I am, I don’t think I’d find it completely disagreeable. For example, communism in Indonesia was prohibited, but it’s flourishing in China. Maybe it’s just a matter of politics.”

Many Internet users have heavily criticized the restaurant’s choice of theme.

“A genocide has never been or would ever be a good joke, not even a source of giggles,” wrote a user in an online thread on a forum for expatriates living in Indonesia.

Despite the near-global recognition of the horror of the Holocaust, in Indonesia symbols associated with the event have been used in marketing, often with producers and consumers ignorant of the historical origins.

Some factory outlet stores and small clothing shops in Indonesia sell shirts with the swastika symbol.

School silence

Danang, a 20-something office worker in Central Jakarta, said that during his time as a school student he was not taught about racial conflicts in Indonesia or abroad.

“I don’t remember having learned anything in the classroom about interracial or interethnic relations in Indonesia,” Danang told the Jakarta Globe.

“We barely ever mention the fact that there is tension between different racial groups or religious groups during civics class or history class. Controversial issues like the riots of May 1998 and the Trisakti tragedy never came up. If it did, it was only mentioned in passing,” he said, referring to the violent events during the downfall of former strongman president Suharto.

“Teachers might bring it up in university if you major in political science, but my secondary school teachers definitely didn’t bring it up.”

[quote author="Henry Mulyana, Soldatenkaffee"]I’m not personally familiar with the [Nazi] ideology, but even if I am, I don’t think I’d find it completely disagreeable.[/quote]

Even though Indonesia consists of more than 300 ethnic groups speaking more than 700 languages, few of the nation’s more than 240 million people receive formal education about race relations.

Few schools in Indonesia teach the world history curriculum, contributing to ignorance on sensitive racial matters.

Jokes and stereotypes

Many Indonesians only encounter racial matters through stereotypes and jokes.

“Growing up, my parents used to use ethnic stereotypes around my siblings and me. Some of them were pretty funny, even though they were often borderline racist,” said Yudi, a marketing manager at a multinational firm in Jakarta.

“Every time my sister was taking her leisurely time in the bathroom, we would retort, ‘She’s only like a Solo princess when she’s getting ready, but don’t you dare disturb her, because she’ll turn into a Flores thug!’ ”

Sarlito Wirawan Sarwono, a professor of psychology at University of Indonesia, said the use of humor to discuss controversial topics was a positive trait.

“The usage of humor actually shows maturity. The conflict of racism definitely exists, but it is latent. So it’s often disguised as humor,” Sarlito said.

“In psychology, we call this phenomenon sublimation, which is something potentially threatening that is packaged as another form that is more acceptable. Another example is the conversion of one’s aggressive tendencies into a form of self-defense.”

Indonesians’ casual and jesting manner when talking about race can results in a tendency to disregard an inappropriate reference to the Nazis as a light-hearted joke.

Ugly tradition

With topics such as the conflict between Sunni and Shiite Muslims in East Java’s Madura Island dominating the news, it might seem that religious violence is more prominent than racial insensitivity.

But Sarlito said this was not the case.

The academic said racism existed in Indonesia before religious sectarianism. In Indonesia, one of the earliest large-scale conflicts was the slaughter of thousands of Chinese in Batavia, now Jakarta, in 1740.

Other interethnic clashes include the bloody Sampit conflict in 2001 between the native Dayak people and migrant Madurans in Central Kalimantan.

That many people still shrug off the use of the Nazis’ notoriety as a marketing tool suggests that racial and ethnic insensitivity remains ingrained in Indonesian culture.

Sarlito said a key way to change attitudes is for people to become more aware of history and society, both at home and abroad.

“If we want to increase sensitivity on racial issues, Indonesia needs to look back at history more often, keep reinforcing our Pancasila values and be aware of ideologies and values that can harm the unity of this nation.”

Ignorance of history is also apparent on the homefront. Many Indonesians are oblivious to the bloodshed that afflicted the nation during anti-communist violence in the 1960s, where more than a million people were reportedly killed but few perpetrators were brought to justice.

  • TGIF

    Speechless. European history should also be taught in Indonesian schools. This guy needs to visit Dachau concentration camp near Bonn, Germany. Or better yet visit the holocaust museum in Washington D.C and speak to some of the remaining survivors. And that will probably blow his mind away. Nonetheless, there is always another theme for a business to be successful. How can anyone in the right mind eat a meal while Hitler is starring down on the customers and be waited by SS uniformed waiters…OMG. So wrong.

    • stepriverfifty

      So a “tempoe doeloe” Dutch East India cafe with photos of meneers barking orders at Indonesian slaves hanging on the wall is trendy.

      A Nazi cafe is not ?


    • Paul

      Dachau is near Munich not Bonn

      • TGIF

        I was a kid when I visited Dachau traveling on the autobahn from Bonn in the mid 70′s. Well then it is 30 minutes outside Munich.

    • Shamed Indo

      Were you taught Indonesian history at school? No? Hmmm..

  • human2

    Total ignorance. It’s appalling that someone would open a cafe with a theme without researching the history and ideology behind that theme. The school system has to take some of the blame but what this guy has done is not only offensive but shows his obviously low intelligence.

    • Roland

      When the owner was researching the topic of his cafe (including the obvious colours black and red as well as the pictures he’s featuring on his walls he MUST have come around photos of concentration camps too – it is nearly impossible not to. So please don’t give me the “I didn’t know” attitude he’s now displaying..

  • Ketchakapeng

    Let’s put this restaurant owner in a concentration camp for a few years and then see if he still finds the Nazis as interesting to emulate. Education in Indonesia is pathetic. That’s why it will remain 3rd world for a long time to come.

    • norewords

      FYI, 3rd world means any country that supports neither west or east block. speaking about pathetic education…

      • junk

        you mean, non-block? is this still on the cold war era? i think berlin wall is already destroyed. or am i dreaming?

  • Guest

    so edgy

    • MadWorld

      Spot on!

  • inandhikara

    what probably had happened in that particular place

  • Euan Mie

    If anyone wants to make views know to Soldatenkaffee, telephone: 022-92085008, 0817-0231177, Email: info(at)soldatenkaffee(dot)com

  • Roland

    Asian history IS being taught in schools! At least when I went to school. Probably not as intensive as European history but it was certainly not omitted. This includes what happened in Indonesia, as well as China, India, Malaysia, S’pore, etc.

    • Rikkert

      @Roland: Indonesian history is being taught in Indonesian schools (not much from outside of Indonesia), although I highly doubt the facts around the persecution of so called communists in the 60′s are being taught properly. But TGIF was making a point that European history is not being taught; and I think in general World history (and geography) is not being taught. But on the other hand, in Dutch schools not much is mentioned about the atrocities the Dutch committed in Indonesia (and the world) either; there are problems there also; but at least the people are not clueless about the world. To have a restaurant dedicated to Hitler and the SS is absolutely appalling and shows an utter lack of respect to other Peoples in this world.

  • SocialCoffeeDrinker

    Personally, I had unwittingly been to this cafe and I find the experience uncomfortable. Once I realized my error when I started looking at the decorations of the cafe but had ordered a cup of coffee, I began to had a second thought… I wonder if they might put something nasty inside my coffee. Once I got my coffee, I drank it up quickly, paid for the coffee and left in a hurry (By the way, the coffee isn’t all that great either).

    It been 2-3 years since that experience and I had never gone back and never want to go back. I’ve recommended everyone I know not to go there also and most are remotely interested in even trying out this cafe. There are many cafes in Bandung that have better atmosphere, food and coffee. And as a frequent cafe customer, I see no reason why anyone wants to go to this cafe. I’d recommend anyone reading this comment to bring your business somewhere else. You won’t be disappointed in skipping on this one.

  • smokesound

    well i agree

  • Global mind

    yes, we should teach world history in schools so anything remarkable in Indonesia would be mentioned in the world history school books. Also the crime of genocide committed by the Nazi probably has some uniqueness which make it worth teaching everywhere. It’s the first destruction of human beings on such massive scale and through industrial and systematic means. For those who don’t know, most Jews didn’t die fighting but were simply families, women and children exterminated through forced labor, famine and ultimately gas chambers… 6,000,000 people. If i remember my history classes right, it’s the first ever recorded genocide.

  • Rikkert

    @Elang: your reasoning also shows the lack of education in Indonesia where it comes to using logic to debate issues. You use vague terms like Dutch colonisation, foreign invasions as an argument somehow in favour of the lack of education in Indonesia when it comes to teaching world history; one has absolutely nothing to do with the other. The fact that every country in the world has its own painful history also has nothing to do with it. It is a fact that the Indonesian education system is lacking on all fronts: world history, geography, independent thinking and logic, etc, etc.

    • stepriverfifty

      Elang’s raised valid argument and all you did was offer ad hominem. Sracth one for critical thinking !
      Dutch colonization, foreign invasions are REAL. They are as real as this country for the sole reason Indonesia was founded was to overthrow foreign yoke from all Dutch East India colonies. But it is definitely not something you or others care about.
      So to put it shortly: Indonesians care about Nazi as much as others, Europeans in particular, care about centuries of Dutch imperialism.

  • guest

    “Even during the Dutch colonization of Indonesia, many Indonesians were killed. This is also the case with Americans and their bombing of Hiroshima. Why are the Nazis seen as bad guys while those belligerent nations are not?”

    Yeah, at least he has a point.

    • human2

      You obviously no nothing about history. Another product of the Indonesian education system. My advice is look up Nazi Ideology have a look at what Hitler and Nazi Germany had planned for the world. At the same time look up the word Genocide and maybe have a glance at the estimated numbers killed due to the Holocaust (between 4 and 14 million) No one knows for sure but most agree at least 6 million men women and children not killed in battle but gassed to death in concentration camps.
      No one celebrates Hiroshima every history class around the world are told of its horrors. Perhaps not in Indo though eh? Nor do they celebrate the death of Indonesians during the many conflicts Indonesia had.
      There are no words for the ignorance of some people here…. Positively mind boggling.

    • Voxclara

      You are comparing apples to oranges. Casualties in wars or territorial occupation can not be compared to the Nazi’s willful and systematic killings of the Jews. Rather then embarrassing yourself why not just google the subject and read up on history. The Internet is a large university and its FREE!

      • Budi

        of course it can.. Jews massacre is not worst than Dutch massacre on Indonesian.. do not expect that we will put some special disapprobation on NAZI more than Dutch colonization.. Even there is no any prohibition against any Dutch symbol, so why should we prohibit any NAZI symbol..

    • MadWorld

      What about opening a cafe with the background & name of let see: Lubang Buaya 1965, or 1million 1965, The Act 1965, Cafe Muhammad and serving alcoholic beverages . of course when commemorating 1965 do not forget the posters as backgrounds, empty villages, forlorn kids, etc etc. or Hiroshima 1945, with the beautiful flashy mushroom cloud .

  • Pelan2

    This come as no surprise, they don’t even know Indonesian History and definitely not World History. More religion and prayers will solve this issue though..

    • anonymous

      How do religion and prayers solve an irrelevant issue? You said it yourself that it’s about Indonesian or World -history-

      • Pelan2

        Are you new to Indonesia / Jakarta Globe???

  • weegie-boy

    He even has a Facebook page for it! Double idiot.

  • MadWorld

    When I was in Indonesia, 30% of my teachers were caucasian( presumably dutch), I did not knew then, what the Dutch did for 300 years to monopolize the trade of spices.I knew it when I started to study in EU.
    I knew also why the Dutch colonisation was terminated in 1947, not because the Indonesian( under Soekarno-Hatta) had won the war of Independence, but, because The USA, would withdrew the Marshal Plan ( to finance rebuilding EU, after the 2nd World war) if the Dutch did not pull-out of Indonesia. I watch in horror “the Act of Killing” by J. Oppenheimer the bloody history of Indonesia anno 1965 ! What is being taught in Madrassah is sciencefiction.
    It is disgusting that a Hitler cafe exist & denouncing the holocaust was probably fabricated.
    So ,YES, world’s history should be taught in schools this to produce a wise graduate.

  • Forgetyourself

    Seems to me like the owner is a complete idiot.

  • concern man


  • s4msun9

    Great logic there…
    “I’m not personally familiar with the taste of manure, but even if I am, I don’t think I’d find it completely disagreeable… Maybe it’s just a matter of politics.”

  • net troll

    u mad bro?

  • Dirk

    This psychology professor is about par for the course. He probably got that Freudian concept from one of those comic book “for beginners” introductions.
    “The usage of humor actually shows maturity.” No, it shows ignorance and insensitivity. This is not Chris Rock doing stand-up comedy about racial differences, this is a cafe decorated with Nazi memorabilia.

  • german reader

    Obviously he has never been to Europe. He and his cafe are a discrace for Indonesia!

    I offer to pay for his educational visit to Auschwitz camp. After having seen the hair of thousands of prisoners that have been shaved before being gassed he will no longer neglegt the Holocaust. PS Under Nazi understanding Indonesian were considered a minor race, but as working mules/slaves they would be tolerated. It therefore surprized how many Indonesian carry sympathy for such a regime!

  • luuks

    Henry Mulyana is way too dumb it is humiliating. He believes there is no proof that the Nazis is responsible for the genocide of Jews. He needs a history lesson and a trip to Auschwitz!

  • Michel

    well this is embarassing for the jewish, and probably to the germany as well. but considering:

    1. nazi is not really a taboo in indonesia (swastika? mein kempf? no problem!)
    2. people here mostly are sunni moslem and they cannot differentiate between israel, jewish, and zionists

    3. indonesia doesn’t have diplomatic relations with israel

    4. there is no strong jewish lobby in indonesia

    5. violence to minority is acceptable these days

    this man simply epitome of complete ignorance. will the government do something? hmm maybe not really. will the moderate moslem going to be angry? maybe yes, maybe not because I know some people who want to blame jewish for everything they do and blah blah blah it’s double standard, etc.

  • Badak Putih

    For sale in Indonesian bookshops, Variety Art Works World’s Masterpieces: Nietzsche, Dante, Goethe, Hitler.

    • Budi

      Indonesia has it’s own law.. if European prohibit every single thing related to NAZI, doesn’t mean we have to do the same.. We Indonesian are not submitted to European..

  • Voxclara

    What an awful human to deny fact and history. What a pathetic human to celebrate the very cause of the sufferings of 6 millions not only men, but also women and children. Mr Mulyana’s dreadful choice of decor has nothing to do with ignorance, but it has everything to do with anti semitism which is so pervasive in all Islamic or Muslim majority country like RI. Just shocking!

  • antifreeze

    Pure base ignorance which humiliates himself and Indonesia. Let’s hope this is not going to be some sort of trend.,0,6192572.story

    • Budi

      otherwise, it is a humiliation if Indonesian submit to European pressure to illegalize what is legal.. Indonesian has it’s own law, and operating a NAZI theme decorated cafe is not violated any law in Indonesia.. So it’s totally legal, nothing wrong with it.. European hatred against NAZI is not our business.. Their taboo is not ours

  • TGIF

    How about this story that made headline news in the US. An unintended faux pas made by an anchor woman at the KTVU FOX news for announcing sounding Korean names from a teleprompter in San Francisco. She read the names of the pilot of ASIANA airlines that crashed landed at SFO until they realized afterwards about the gaffe.
    Come on seriously: Captain Sum tin wong, Ho lee fuk, Wey ti lo and Bang ding Ow don’t sound like Korean fake names at all. People may find it funny but at the same time wrong. Journalism without proof reading…Breaking news may be it but proof reading is always a good idea to avoid a misunderstanding. The Airline may sue the TV station for defamation. And the summer Intern at NTSB is fired for givng out the names to a TV station. He may well be a scapegoat for the unfortunate blunder.

    In the case of this business entrepeneur, do your homework first before you get yourself in hot waters and people ending up being critical of the situation. There are suitable themes for a restaurant to attract customers without bringing history and offend many out of ignorance.

    • Dirk

      Glad you brought it up, but I disagree with your characterization of the intern as “a scapegoat for the unfortunate blunder.” The anchorwoman is reading a teleprompter live on television, so we can’t blame her; the intern who confirmed the names must have known they were a joke, plus he/she figured as an intern there was nothing to lose (as in working for free). The people at the TV station who passed the info on were the stupid ones, and for that the station’s owners are being scapegoated with an expensive lawsuit. It appears the NTSB intern is getting away with only losing a “job” rather than being a scapegoat. Notice that the name of the intern has not surfaced, making scapegoating said person impossible.

  • Alif Rafik Khan

    You’re too much reading comic book. Henry has said above: “I’m not personally familiar with the [Nazi] ideology, but even if I am,
    I don’t think I’d find it completely disagreeable. For example,
    communism in Indonesia was prohibited, but it’s flourishing in China.
    Maybe it’s just a matter of politics.” But if you’re still disagree, why don’t you have a visit to his cafe and see it for yourself?

    • TGIF

      I don’t get it…No need to visit his cafe even it is out of pure curiosity. I would probably lost my appetite just sitting there.

    • Dirk

      Selamat, you have posted one of the stupidest comments yet on JG. We can “see” the Nazi stuff in the photo above.
      Maybe the Dutch occupation was just a matter of politics. “Politics” there was the owner’s code for, “things I am not equipped intellectually, or even allowed, to think about.”

      • Budi

        but if you open a cafe in Dutch theme, it is not illegal and will not banned.. it is surprising that Indonesia as a third world country can be more mature than European developed countries who can’t move on from the past..

  • iin2

    you know when a little learning is a dangerous thing ….sad

  • Chris Sirias

    Who really cares.We need to finally grow up and focus on real issues.

    • TGIF

      And what would the real issues be…I lost count these days. LOL. It is never a dull moment reading the local news and getting the real truth from reliable sources.

      • Chris Sirias

        Indonesia has nothing to do with Nazi Germany and the stigmas that came out of that. Leave this poor guy alone and try and focus on local corruption. Do they have some overly sensitive Israeli citizens working at the globe?

  • Errol Tornado

    Made history by the winner. For those who do not like this caffe..I just say..dig history correctly. View from the both side. my advice
    ..PLEASE DON’T SEE Hollywood movie too MUCH.

    • junk

      Yeah, good advice, for everyone including Henry Mulyana himself.

      But for you, please learn some better english. Just an advice.

  • Hosea Aryo Bimo W.N.

    In My Humble Opinion, i think it was better for anyone [even the article writer] to ask Mr Mulyana personally about the reason why he made this Cafe before posting anything. IMHO, if we just comment something as a negative things without knowing the reason or what the point of those thing…we are no better than those so called racist. has been said that anyone who is without sin, let him / her throw the first stone and judge

    • junk

      Good point.

  • mk

    I am very disappointed, angry and ashamed as I read the article. I’m from Indonesia, but I was in Germany. And this the stupidest thing I’ve EVER heard!

  • Yohan

    Do not spend your money at this place

  • Stefan Reisener

    I am an German citizen and I really wanted to trough up when I read the article. I also really want to give this guy a history lesson and tell him that Hitler killed Jews even before the war begone. Later I would love to take him to Europe. First I would take him to Russia and tell him how the Germans killed a lot of people over there and did a lot of horrible things. Later would be Berlin on our plan and I would take him on a walk trough the city and show him all of the places where houses got destroyed and people died because of Hitlers war. I would also love to introduce him to my grandma and my grandpa. My grandma had to hide from the Russian soldiers while they rape her friends and my grandpa was a German soldier who lost his best years in war. Sadly they are both already dead so we can not meet them any more.

    My last point would be near to my hometown. I would love to show him a few of the concentration-camps. They have very detail museums and there he could what kind of perfectionists we Germans are – not only when it comes to cars. And if he is still proud of his café after our my little lesson than he definitely need a good doctor for metal disorders.

    Serious – I already saw people with the Hitler-Sign on their motorbikes and I thought well this are lonely idiots who don’t know it better but after I read this I start to see it as a bigger problem. Okay I am German and in Germany you hear everywhere about Hitler and all the horrible things that he has done. We are very sensitive and we even have laws that could bring you in serious problems when you denial the holocaust.

    I don’t ask Indonesia to become like Germany but at least people should be smart enough to know about history before they open an Nazi-café or pin the Hitler-sign on their motorbike.

    • DanielKaimana

      I completely understand you anger Stefan. And I’m sorry to hear that personal story of yours. Peace be upon them.

      Just the last bit of your comment tho, I’d like to apologise in advance but I just want to tell you that Swastika is a symbol related to Hindu and it’s culturally embedded in Bali people life. There are a lot signs of it here. There is even a name of a guest house, Swastika Guest House. I hope it’s okay for you…

      • mauriceg

        Hi Daniel. I am familiar with a Swastika Guest house in Sanur. I feel strange about it, although mainly on behalf of the many tourists who do not know the swastika’s origins, seeing it as a symbol of nazism.
        Asking some Balinese people about the Japanese occupation of Indonesia invokes shrugs of ignorance. No-one told them. Why is that?

  • DanielKaimana

    Can someone enlighthen me how swastika and Nazi uniform appeared on streets of Athena, Greece just months ago? Is this about politics? I know, different causes than this one in cafe in Bandung but same symbols on air, aren’t they?

    But thanks to Stepriverfifty introducing the term ad hominem. It’s a new lesson for me. It explains how some use this way, straying from the arguments, and simply loathing about Indonesian things as if it is something inherently and only in Indonesia. I notice the same way used when talking to some extremists here in real life.

  • scottrose

    He’s lying when he says he doesn’t really know what happened. He knew to collect all of those “decorations,” and his defensive line of argument shouldn’t be believed as sincere by anybody.

  • Samuel Syarif

    another mainstream waves ….but its not big enough to break my opinon about ww11 especially the bad guy that you call nazi….there is no bad guys or good [edit] on that war….if your country so demoncraticly campain about free speech and rights..why dont you guys respect the owner of that cafe please…he had a right anyway…hees
    only colector and a hardcore reenactor for ww11 especially germany and he had right to put any
    things on the wall of the cafe….the matters its only a name of that
    cafe anyway…and there is not pollitical support for any idiology right or left…chest or wings…

  • Samuel Syarif

    hei…..where is my comment go…

  • waterwind

    just an idiot would come up with such idea. He doesn’t have a single clue about Hitler’s ideology. No proof! MY GOD, he said no proof! With all the victims how could he dare said that. Not being taught in school is not a reason. He could read about it in Internet or books. And it’s very rude to the Germans. Do you know how this part of history is a shame for most Germans(except perhaps the neo Nazi)? Not to mention the Hitler’s victims. He should try being in the Konzentrationslager for once.

  • Voxclara

    The Nazis would have gassed him before they did the Jews. Incredible that so many fail to see this irony.

  • Johny Grim

    I like horror movies, I collect horror movie and its paraphernalia. Does that makes me a devil worshiper? The “storm troopers” in starwars series draws a lot of its design from WWII german soldier uniform. Does that makes George Lucas a Nazi?

  • yuwonosigit

    By exercising the rights for free speech publicly also means that the owner should be ready to defend it, especially if it offends other people, who happen to have rights too.

    There are tons of other interesting theme for a cafe, why pick this one?

    Since the owner claims to not personally familiar with the Nazi ideology, then I assume he did it just for publicity, which shows how poor his taste is.

    • Shamed Indo

      He did it because he was into WWII Nazi paraphernalia. Sometime you should read between the line, but don’t forget to read the line too, sir

      • yuwonosigit

        In case you failed to read between the lines, my point is picking a controversial theme for a cafe bound to get a negative feedback. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, especially when it comes to offending people.

        I understand everybody has hobby, but the owner is running a business, and controversy will only hurt him in the long run. Is the money really worth the trouble? Is the hobby really worth standing up for?

        I’d be really appreciate it if the owner himself can respond to these question, after all he’s the one who’s taking risk, and when push comes to shove, his friend/ colleague/ fellow hobbyist will only say “sorry” or “turut prihatin”

    • Budi

      there are tons of interesting theme for a cafe, NAZI theme is an interesting one too.. why not pick that one? feeling offended, expressing dislikeness is okay, but to force people to shut down his business because some people feel offended is wrong.. One more thing, Indonesian law do not forbid NAZI symbol, so it’s legal and nothing wrong with it.. If a bunch of over sensitive European get butthurt, that’s their business..

  • chrisHN

    Well said, if he is ignorant let it be…and you are correct about points 1,2 and 3

  • Riley

    I want to slap that guy. He made ignorant statement about things he doesn’t even understand. It’s insensitive and disgusting.

  • Good,Bad and Ugly

    This is the perfect example where the law defines this action as an action which causes civil unrest and hatred.
    Arrest this piece of pig dung before some vigilante can justify taking the law into his own hands and burning his café and house down.

  • elaborateruse

    As an Indonesian I can confirm that the majority of us are ignorant of lots of things it’s not even funny anymore. Also, history isn’t really taught in schools, unless you can count memorizing historical dates as an education. Also communists are evil. And the Illuminati and Freemasons are part of the Zionist Jews’ scheme to control our minds.

    Hitler and the Holocaust doesn’t really hold any meaning here. I even think the younger people are already oblivious of the horrors the Japanese brought here back in the 40s.

  • Maca

    Why so many negative comments?
    It ‘s just another demonstration that Indonesians are the most ignorant in the world.
    And the saddest thing is that some of them are wealthy and can afford to open their own business.
    Very dangerous combination.

    • Shamed Indo

      I’m sorry.. Indonesian? Ignorant? The most? You mean all of us? Did you really really really know all of us here in Indonesia? Who are you to generalize sir?

  • tiffydude

    Adolf would have had a field day here in Indonesia… oh the Irony

  • Fanelli

    “A restaurant in Bandung’s adoption of a Nazi theme has sparked debate on Indonesians’ seemingly relaxed attitude to offensive symbols, with sources of blame ranging from ignorance of history to a cultural tradition of jokes.”

    This is such lazy thinking. Really? The reason is because indonesians have a tradition of jokes? Let me criticize islam and see how deep the indonesian sense of humor is.

  • David Bailey

    If the owner really wants to make us laugh, hang Soeharto’s handsome face next to Hitler’s & complete the commentary – you know, for all of us who just don’t get it.

  • Voxclara

    I think you miss the point. Mr Mulyana has in fact expressed his opinion and gave his reason in the report above. He even said the holocaust might not have taken place. There is a clear distinction between right and wrong in what his choice and stance are. Perhaps you should question your own value instead of criticising those who express their opinions here.

  • Deddy K.

    So out of mild curiosity, as it isn’t against the law, I can create a Jewish Themed restaurant And called it “Gitmo.” with dranos, star of david and other Israeli items (including perhaps a map of that area where Palestine is not shown?) Offensive no? oh I forgot offensive to non muslims, then “He also have a right picking any theme for his resto, his own money, freedom of choice, so does with any person who happily visit the resto.” Now if it was offensive to muslims, then as your minister of Islamic affairs says, “Freedom has it’s limits….(paraphrasing)”
    I like the double standards.

    Although it amuses me that the Japanese were the ones that came here to do what Hitler was doing to in his part of the world, and they were doing a bang up job of using similar protocols of mass murders, rape, subjugation and terror, and I can’t believe we have forgotten.
    Yes yes, heard your justification for every violent act by Islamic people in Indonesia a billion times. The Zionist, American, European World domination machine is killing Zillions of Muslims through out the world (although I think Islamic Terrorists within Islamic majority countries are doing their very best to have a greater kill counter on killing Islamic people than the imaginary Death count by the West Conspiracy you are led to believe by your imam.)
    It always wierds me out that people such as Liberty, tempted by the poison of Radicalism don’t you know instead of going to conspiracy theories, open the internet and read about the Holocaust, Read world history, hey read about the Japanese Occupation of Indonesia. Information is out there. as you say Better you open the eyes….. hahahaha

  • D Samodra

    ah you ain’t racist!, yes you’re just stupid. using that symbol just make you look more stupid. I know you might think its only a symbol and when you stuck it in your Cafe business you look different then will earn some money…what a shame!

  • Emma

    What astounds me from the article above is that Henry Mulyana even says that he doesn’t know much about Nazi ideology! Is he too lazy to learn something about it? There’s no shortage of web sites for information these days. He seems to feel no embarrassment about his own ignorance, and he even goes on to make comparisons to other national groups (about which he is equally as uninformed). As another reader noted, he conveys ignorance plus arrogance–a bad mixture which produces a state of “cluelessness.” This guy has assumed a posture that he considers a “cool,” cutting edge style. But he has it all wrong. It’s devoid of substance and he doesn’t seem to even care about the history and meaning of all this “paraphernalia.” He’s oblivious. And very immature. He’s like a kid playing “war” with plastic guns and a fake army uniform. It’s sad to see the other young people taking part in this. I am shocked to see such ignorance about history and the rest of the world. This does not bode well for Indonesia’s future. If only Henry knew how stupid he looks and sounds to readers from “the outside world.” Pathetic.

    • MadWorld

      Because IF he admits to know the history of Nazism, he could be complicit to incite hatred or extreme right ideology or fascism. His idea is to act as a moron and earn money.

  • yudha

    “Henry claimed there was no proof the Nazis were responsible for the Holocaust,”

    dude, I believe there is wi-fi connection in your cafe, right? well, use it!!! browse the internet, and you will find gazillions of proof.

    • Shamed Indo

      Oh yes, its on the internet. Surely its an absolute truth, right?

      • human2

        Shamed u are the shame of Indonesia. You can’t string a sentence together that has any weight to it whatsoever. If you are in denial of the holocaust you are indeed uneducated. The concentration camps existed, the evidence is staggering and even more staggering is your lack of general knowledge and your blind defense of the indefensible.

      • DD

        I was there (during the war not at Austwich etc) Shamed – I can 100% guarantee it was real, I lost several family member including my father – My wife was here Shamed – she too can tell you it was real

        • Shamed Indo

          I’m sorry about your loss. But again, my sarcasm was directed at the usage of internet as a paragon of truth, not to deny the existence of the holocaust

  • Sam Man

    He must be appealing to the fanatics in Bandung who hate the Jews but love the booze.

  • Henk

    I often pass by that place and it doesn’t get that many visitors really. All this article does is give him a lot of publicity, negative or positive it’s all good for him…

    When I first came here, almost 17 years ago I was often shocked, many young people wearing t-shirts with Adolf Hitlers picture on it, many, many GERMAN swastikas… Even now you can still buy huge posters here of Hitler speaking (foaming at the mouth) at the Reichstag….. They have no idea, it doesn’t mean anything to them, they have no or only a very vague idea of who Hitler was and what he stood for. They might come up with the “he killed many jews he did” like that’s some how a good thing….

    When I say, and what if I would open up a PKI cafe? with lots of pictures of Lenin, Marx and Aidit? How long would that cafe exist? Well,you wouldn’t even be allowed to open!!! is what they’ll say :)….

    If I would open up a PKI cafe back home, in Holland, would many people be offended?

    I understand why this cafe offends many people, many of the posters here, my family suffered heavily during World War II,my grandfather was one of the Black Devils of Rotterdam, but after living in Indonesia for the past 17 years, this cafe made me laugh rather than make me angry, and I think that expats who have lived here long enough would probably feel the same way….

  • marco

    I think it’s just an emotional opinion. He should learn more about it

  • Shamed Indo

    “The greatness of a nation and its people is partly in the ability to
    admit past mistakes and take corrective efforts to avoid their

    Easy for you to say. Hitler been long gone dead for YEARS. Nazis has been hunted, tried, and executed while the party itself disbanded. The Cendana clan and their thugs, on the other hand, are alive and well. Especially after 1998, a lot of us do admit what was done in our nation’s past. The “patch” you mentioned wasn’t that dark. We knew who did what and what has happened. We also knew about the back dealings of companies such as Freeport and corrupt officials such as Ibnu Sutowo. Let me ask you this, good sir. Of what nationality are you? American? English? Dig around a little, maybe your hands weren’t as clean as you thought.

    Anyways, my point is this; maybe you “expats” shouldn’t act so high and mighty yourself, being over sensitive to dumbasses prancing around their little cosplay cafe, then judge and condescent the WHOLE country for it. In my book, that’s even worse

  • Shamed Indo

    So you got mad because your country’s history wasn’t taught at our local school? Did they teach Indonesian history at yours?

    • Barista

      So no prob if I open a Timorese Genocide Cafe in London then?

      • BonChon

        Knock yourself out…

        • Hunri a

          touchy? the TNI massacred 20-25% of East Timorese – bet they dont teach you that at school

          • BonChon

            US and Israel Massacred children and babies in Middle east. – Bet they don’t teach you that at school.

    • DD


      WW2 and Hitler was a global event – the most far reaching event of the 20C, a period that redefined the shape of the world, refined ideologies and redefined Indonesia… Maybe a cursory mention could have been expected yes. Oh and yes I learned some East Indies history at school.

      However let me say I am not offended by the cafe, I am far more offended by groups like the FPI and many within DPR and individuals here who rape our nation for god

      The cafe owner is looking to make a $ – I have no issues with that. If I was offended by such trivia then that aligns me with many Muslims here who scream offense at just about anything

      BTW – I lived through WW2 and it was not a fun time.

  • Shamed Indo

    exactly, all lined up next to mcdonalds

  • Voxclara

    Yes it is disturbing because like TGIF, you clearly misconstrued what I said.

    FACTS: Quran is full of anti semitism. Muslims hate Jews. Nazis hate Jews.
    The founder of Islam hated and despised the Jews. Your argument holds no water, it’s flawed. Regardless of where Nazism is linked to, the glaring fact is that in those countries you mentioned, there is hardly any anti semitism, where as in every Islamic country, from the Mid East to Pakistan to RI anti semitism is encouraged, it’s alive, it’s virulent, and it’s institutionalised.

    Islamophobic is the hatred and irrational fear of Islam. I am neither. As a woman, I object to the way women are portrayed and treated in Islam. For instance, a woman testimony is worth half that of a man, a man inheritance is double that of a woman. If a woman is raped she must produce 4 witnesses or she will be charged with adultery and killed. There are a lot more objectionable and even horrendous verses against women and non Muslims. Calling someone islamophobic for merely presenting facts about Islam is another flawed logic.

    If there is significant islamophobia in the US and Europe, why there is hardly any backlash against Muslims after the Boston marathon bombing and the beheading of Lee Rigby or the vicious stabbing of a French security force in Paris a few days after the beheading? Your argument is flawed on every count and the only hatred is aimed towards non Muslims by those who follow the command of the Quran.

  • Voxclara

    A Chinese can be Muslim too, so what’s your point? This report is about anti semitism, Islam is anti Semite so what’s your point?

  • Shamed Indo

    Oh so the cafe had posters that depicted sadism and barbaric act inside? Or is it inside your head?

  • Shamed Indo

    @yuwonosigit:disqus look, some people were into wayang, others were into rambo, while this guy were into nazi paraphernalia. Is he a nazi? Nope. Is he an antisemit? Didn’t seem like it. Does he gave stupid answers? ABSOLUTELY. But what one person got from something isn’t always what another gets from it. One man’s punk is another man’s pop they say. Now, about controversy.. lets see who’s stirring it.. well whaddaya know.. its THE PRESS.. did he or didn’t he created the controversy? Well he isn’t the one who published a biased article isn’t it? Who knows, maybe he really did this just because he thought that “hey, I like WWII german army paraphernalia, and my friends too, and I have the money, might as well do a cafe based on this for me & my friend to hang out with”. Stupid perhaps, vile? NOT automatically. Hanlon’s razor at work

    • DanielKaimana

      You have a point here Shamed Indo. That cafe set up in 2011. So, it’s been there for a quite some time now. “WW II Germany army paraphernalia” You said it. I think that is the most plausible explanation to describe him. Very much so.. As I posted in other thread, here are the links again, and The point of what I am trying to say is even in democratic nations (that at least most common acceptable descriptions of those countries)such as US, and the UK, these appear in public.. But as VOXCLARA attempts to justify it as FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND SPEECH, my question is cannot that same Freedom of Expression principle be applied here?? Or should it be differentiated? Should we have double standards (again and again)? What if Henry Mulayana comes out and points that principle too? (I hope he does not read GJ), really.. Again, my standing position is clear: I CONDEMN THE CAFE..

  • Roland

    Actually – Hitler was vegetarian.

  • human2

    Somewhere a village is missing it’s idiot. On your way home shamed… on your way home…

  • nazi-boreng

    comparing the dutch east indies to what hitler did in europe during world war 2 is a stretch. you can do better than that.

    • BonChon

      Dutch East Indies has done countless barbaric murders throughout Indonesia (and other asia ) region.

      I wont blame you if you’re not familiar with names like Raymond Westerling and JP Coen. After all, we all know they don’t teach Indonesian history in their classroom.

      • DD

        Westerling killed 30,000 people – there we 70 million deaths in WW2.

        In fact the total number of people killed in the East Indies by the Dutch is dwarfed by the single act of communist purge in 65/6 add to the other TNI police actions and we get a very sorry tale

        • Bon Chon

          Murders is Murder old man, regarding of number of casualties.
          Don’t be ridiculous.

          The point is i don’t mind if someone open a dutch colonial themed restaurant in Indonesia. So why all this commotion?

          • DD

            Is it really? I dont think ‘plain’ murder and genocide are the same – but then I’m an old man and can’t keep pace with you young siller buckers – is it time for my morning nap and gruel nurse?

          • BonChon

            Murder of 30.000 people is not a “plain” murder.

          • DD

            But its not genocide either is it? Now what Indonesia tried in East Timor – well that is genocide
            However we will have to agree to differ dear child – I look forward to your future balanced arguments
            There is a good story about the FPI just published – How dear child will you react when many people start saying the reality there one wonders?

  • yuwonosigit

    I pray you won’t go down that road by start generalizing the Expats too.

  • human2

    How about a communism cafe with 6 dead generals on the wall. Then maybe we could have 500 thousand red stars complete with sickle and hammer to represent the half million killed as retribution for the killing of those 6 generals. How long do you think that might stay open?

    • bates

      Is there actually any real proof that that happened?

      • DD

        errr yes … master

    • chang

      As long they like

      • Hans van den Berg

        Then I would suggest a café with picture of the Indonesian army killing papua’s the past 81 years including last week. It won’t stay open for a day!

  • TGIF

    The Regents of UC (University of California) has elected a Muslim woman to represent student affairs. JEWISH groups are voicing their anger. Just to say that animosity among religions will not disappear even in the US. Nothing to do with this article but just to show you that we all live in a delicate fearful world and all the dots are connected.

    • Voxclara

      Arab oil money is changing US universities with Jihad in campuses :

      King Abdullah University of Science and Technology opened its doors in 2009 and already has lavished more than $200 million on top U.S. university scientists. Stanford, Cornell, Texas A&M, UC Berkeley, CalTech, Georgia Tech—all are awash in new millions of Saudi cash for research directed at advancing solutions for Saudi energy and water needs. The new university, known as KAUST, has similar partnerships with scientists at Peking University and Oxford.

      Many American universities and their scientists, lured by research grants of as much as $25 million, have jumped at the chance to partner with KAUST. Some of those scientists do research at their universities here and spend a small part of their time in Saudi Arabia creating “mirror” labs.

      NEW YORK, Dec. 15 (JTA) — Harvard and Georgetown universities both say a Saudi prince attached no strings when he gave them $20 million gifts — but at a time that Arab influence in American classrooms is coming under scrutiny, some observers are taking a wait-and-see approach.

      And petro-dollars have helped to lubricate this stealth jihad. Jay P. Greene, a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute , noted that “Gulf Arabs gave a total of $88 million to 14 U.S. universities between 1995” and today. What does all that largesse buy? For one thing, academic recipients are going to shy away from any critical investigation of the donor’s own political system, autocratic rule, or abuse in the social and civil rights of the citizens of those oil-rich but often economically- and socially-backward countries. Though many of the funded centers, such as Georgetown’s, are established with the stated intention of helping to “build bridges” between the Christian West and Islam for the purpose of enhancing mutual understanding, in practice the centers end up serving as beachheads where Arab states can attempt to influence scholarship and indoctrinate a new generation of scholars.

      In the following clip, you see David Horowitz from the Freedom Center asking a Muslim student activist at UC San Diego if she supports Hizbullah’s aim of eradicating Jewry from the face of the planet. And this smooth-talking human upholstery board – sporting a drapery and a tablecloth – said yes.
      So there you have it.

      • MadWorld

        Not only to the USA, also, to UK. ( Google wahhabism in London, loads of informations).

      • Krautz

        You see voxclara it is the same thing in Indonesia the US lure with grant to brain wash the moslem thinking and became moslem mis thinking such as married same gender is legal, moslem law is outdated, Jaringan islam etc. It is same old story… keep your mumbling shut voxclara if you are not moslem!

    • Deddy K.

      But difference is here in Indonesia FPI and their terrorist associates would try to burn that university to the ground. In the US they protect rights.

  • DanielKaimana

    I attempt to refrain myself from talking about the numbers. But yes Hypocrite, you’re right. So is it because of the numbers then, eh? And further, I don’t think counter-factual could be used as a point to persuade someone agree on condemning the holocaust. Simply put, holocaust is holocaust. Killing or massacre civilians simply cannot be justified. Because if we justify one than the other, we would end up to justify the US killing innocent people in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, in Iraq, Afghanistan and in home by Suharto to PKI, Timore Leste, Aceh and many more examples on list including what Israeli does to innocent Palestinians. In my opinion, all form of killing innocent ppl regardless the numbers and reasons behind it should be condemned. Yes?

    • DD

      We agree Dan – all killing should be condemned!!
      But now you have in effect reached a fault in the argument.
      If we condemn killings then surely we condemn the guilty party and all the paraphernalia that supports them? Especially when the symbolism is so powerful and so dark and leads inextricably to more violence.

      So by condemning the holocaust as murder should we therefore condemn the insignia and symbols that surround it? Like for instance a Nazi themed cafe with images of SS and Hitler all over the place, waiters dressed in Nazi uniforms??
      Or is that somehow ok?

      Do we therefore support the mechanism but decry the vehicle? which is rather self defeating…
      What we usually do in Indonesia when such a conundrum is reached is a) ignore it b) say its cultural and ignore it or c) find someone to blame – Will you break the case?

  • AMPD

    What an ignorant, idiotic cafe’s owner/management… A supporter of Nazi and Neo-Nazi movement? Anti-Semitic race? What?!?!…

  • DD

    Half truths are worse than lies Dan – Paranoia breeds hate and ignorance and reading your growing list of posts it is clear you have a victim mentality that you share with many of your brothers .. I digress

    Of course it is – 99% of the Muslim world hate Jews and 50% call for their annihilation. What do you want them to say here’s a medal why not pop around tonight for a BBQ & beers?

    However let’s look at why there is opposition and also look at who voted for her…

    First – Sadia is on record (in the campaigning) as saying UC should boycott Israeli companies because of Human Rights issues
    Second – she is silent on the Islamic nations Human Rights issues

    Third – In March she supported a UC resolution condemning a so-called Islamophobic hate speech delivered at UC Santa Cruz. Saifuddin said it went beyond the definition of free expression. An investigation found this not be a speech based on factual events

    Fourth – She refuses to condemn the open hate speeches of Muslims

    The list goes on and so what we see is a pattern, a typical pattern my I say, of Muslims demanding but failing to give back, I demand my rights (rights I would not have in most Islamic countries funny enough) but you cannot have yours sort of thing.

    BTW there are Muslim groups unhappy too – after all she is a women

    The panel of 4 that elected her comprised of 2 Jews BTW and like them I wish her well – however to succeed she will need to concentrate on all peoples welfare and not just Muslims – a lesson for many people in power in Indonesia would you not agree?

    Half truths Dan, think about it … Don’t become like 22 please

  • DD

    Animals are protected under EU and German law and it works pretty well on the whole – the places animals get a very raw deal is countries like Indonesia, but then look how Indonesian treat other Indonesians and they are humans.
    Hitler also built fantastic roads perhaps we should reincarnate him and dump SBY?

  • DD

    I am not silent on it Bon nor over the many other atrocities Indonesia has carried out since Independence

  • Voxclara

    To both Kael and guest, please read my comment again before sprouting more of the same, thank you!

  • DD

    So does CB glorify abuse? Or is it as my Indonesian wife (who was alive at the time of Independence) more like a museum?

    • BonChon

      Does this Bandung Cafe glorify abuse?

      • MikeOfAston

        It does, regardless of whether the owner understand that or not, because Nazi paraphernalia has never been linked to art (indeed its auction is illegal in France, Germany, Austria or Hungary and frowned upon in other western countries) but to an ugly evocation of an inhuman period in history. Collecting/exhibiting Nazi paraphernalia is not the same as collecting/exhibiting say death masks, antique guns, spears or kris which have artistic value despite their deathly connotation. Incidentally, I’ve also answered you on “greatness of a nation…” elsewhere below.

  • Politeia

    Yes, you are wrong. “Racism is usually defined as views, practices and actions reflecting the belief that humanity is divided into distinct biological groups called races and that members of a certain race share certain attributes which make that group as a whole less desirable, more desirable, inferior, or superior” (Wikipedia). My statement referred to the education policy not to the people. Of course not.
    Do you really think that the education in this country is remotely sufficient? Why are my family, my friends, my colleagues struggle very hard to save money to put their kids on a private, international school? Unfortunately most cannot afford it, so the kids wouldn’t get a chance to use their potentials. It is a shame.
    It would take much too long to thoroughly discuss that matter here, so I leave it. However, I don’t know nothing about your education and I am sorry that you personally felt hurt. But maybe it’s time to abstract from your own and see the whole picture….

  • DD

    Do you and Bon condemn the use of Nazi symbols?
    Yes or No will suffice

    • DanielKaimana

      Yes !

  • DD

    Amusing since the Cosplay theme was developed by the Japanese in the 1930′s -40′s It was developed to give servicemen a sense of home – It was achieved by dressing up ‘comfort women’ in Japanese clothing and then raping them. It developed into the army whore corps and has millions of women

    The comfort women came from nations a great deal of young Indonesian women among them, possibly 400,000 many of whom died

    I suggest you google ‘comfort women’…. do enjoy your debauchery and sexual fantasy… after all its a construct of the West..

    • Shamed Indo

      oh my, you still life in 1930′s? How was the ride on the time machine? Bumpy?

  • Hunri a

    Well there are fanatics in Bandung, unless your religious ideology supports them and yes they hate the jews and yes they raid places with drinking, often it is said consuming it after confiscation (illegal actions unpunished BTW)
    I smell silliness in your comment… yes silliness is strong in this one

  • bates

    An example would be nice. It sounds to me that you have an inclination towards racism. Are you also of the opinion that Indonesia would be a better place if all foreigners were to be shipped out, leaving Indonesia pure?

    • BonChon

      Feel free to check JG comment board

      And please don’t play the racism card, it’s boring and it’s not right.

      “Are you also of the opinion that Indonesia would be a better place if all foreigners were to be shipped out, leaving Indonesia pure?”

      What a foolish assumption.

    • Shamed Indo

      nope, just the racists, western-supremacy minded and the obnoxious ones would be great, thx

  • Voxclara

    Not sure why you always misconstrued my comment, nowhere in my comment did I said nor implied nor suggested that you fabricated the story least of all out of a hat…..

    In fact I posted those links to back up your story. Also to present the cause/evidence why a Muslim was elected to the student reps. It is very much inline with the billion $$ funding from the Islamic regimes to the US learning institutions.

    It seems Daniel’s unsubtle sarcasm must have totally escaped you. Do try to have a nice day……..

  • BonChon

    No , I never wanted to hear only good news here. I want balance and fair comments.

    Unfortunately, people like you have failed to do so.

    I have seen your posts lately. From your post, i can tell what kind of person you are. Bitter and full of hatred to Indonesia.

    • DD

      Perhaps you should take it upon yourself to offer that balanced view and educated HB.
      I, despite being an old man am always eager to look at different angles but frankly many of the stories published would turn Walter Mitty grey trying to find the positive / balanced argument

  • Hypocrite Buster

    DanielKaimana is not saying you fabricate the news, in fact no one here does. He is being sarcastic – “University and in the US, presumably they are more ‘mature’ than their student counterparts in IAIN for instance? There must be a reason behind it TGIF” – he’s bashing the west. Sorry to spell this out for you.

  • Religulousness

    Firman, if America wanted to kill muslims (or anyone else for that matter) they could do it in about 30 minutes destroying 70-80% of all muslims and muslim territory on earth…..The united states has millions of muslims, except their they are just called citizens like everyone else. There is not obsession with religion. Do as you please as long as you don’t infringe on the rights or others or harm others in the process. The USA wanted nothing to do with the middle east militarily until attacked. Sometimes when you kick the largest hornets nest in the world in the name of whoever….you will get stung.

  • DD

    well done Bon… so your actual point is you don’t like foreigners pointing out that this cafe is in very bad taste and quite offensive or indeed general crap things about Indonesia ? Is that right

  • BonChon

    I for my self acknowledge all points you mentioned above. Corruption has been one of biggest part of our problems. Just like other countries, we, as a nation still have tons of things to do and a long way to go.

    However, Nobody likes to hear constant snide insinuations from bitter and grumpy expats. Despite providing positive encouragement, you and your likes has a strong tendency only to bash and highlights negative side of this country. For what? To feed and satisfy your deep hatred to Indonesia?

    BTW, what is your nationality?

    Fortunately, despite so many hurdles, somehow we survived two financial crisis and keep going strong until this very day. Now, that’s something worth praising, although i must admit, Indonesia could have done a lot better without corruption

  • DD

    Dan –
    The hammer represents the industrial working class while the sickle represents the agricultural workers – together the hammer and sickle represent the unity of these two groups and the formation of collective rights for workers.

    As far as I am aware several nations ban the communist party and probably the symbolism of the hammer and sickle, including RI. (probably ignored her of course)

    Funny that Nazi symbolism is ok here but communist is not in Indo… Perhaps the ruling elite are afraid of Indonesian workers forming and demanding collective rights ?

  • Voxclara

    Whether the links are very much associated with the Jewish community is quite beside the point. Unless you can proof that the Islamists didn’t denote those $$$ to the universities then you have no case. The problem is that you just like to throw accusation without ever bother to substantiate any of it. It’s tiresome to have any exchanges with you.

  • Mulder

    Steve because you born after those day.. just history is history why so rush?

  • Mulder

    That is 1000% righty !

    • Hans van den Berg

      Your name says it all: Grosskreutz/Mulder? German neo-nazi’s? Don’t go away from the topic! I would say, how many Papua’s have been killed even this month by Indonesians?

  • Rustynails

    Of course, he should be free to decorate his little cafe as he sees fit. However, nor should he be surprised when people advise him he is an insensitive, ignorant twit. I do look forward to the time someone opens up the Cafe with pictures of Indonesians being lorded over by their Dutch Masters and a Bar glamorising the efforts of the Gerwani in 1965.

  • Pitt

    Why don’t we have a look at Mr Mulyana’s tattoos, that should give us an indication of his personal opinions on matters.

  • DD

    The hammer and sickle have never been the symbol of supremacy, hate and genocide – it is a symbol of worker unity – which is perhaps why many guvs do not like it, it symbolizes the opposite for what many people believe – it espouses shared ownership, collective actions etc etc – it is not a fascist symbol.
    Nazi symbolism has nothing to do with unity but everything to do with hatred, violence, false nationalism and killing because they think they are superior – Nazism is more akin to radical Islam than communism
    Nazism was not implemented after the war – its very fascist motives where the main driver for the war and they have their roots with Hitler and his band of murderers
    Its about right and wrong Dan – what I feel is right based upon shared values v what you feel is right or wrong based on your own shared values
    For me anything that signifies ‘god given’ superiority and justifies violence is simply wrong. Again the analogy with radical Islamists is far closer to Nazi behaviours than that of communists

    • DanielKaimana

      It’s about symbols and values, right?? And values are social constructions.. Hitler existence to only one mission on earth: to kill Jews is also a narration construction. The problem is humans are diverse. And some try to construct the narration other than the mainstream story. That’s what I see it… And the winner always writes history until they are defeated and another story emerges.

  • DD

    The hammer and sickle have never been the symbol of supremacy, hate and genocide – it is a symbol of worker unity – which is perhaps why many guvs do not like it, it symbolizes the opposite for what many people believe – it espouses shared ownership, collective actions etc etc – it is not a fascist symbol.
    Nazi symbolism has nothing to do with unity but everything to do with hatred, violence, false nationalism and killing because they think they are superior – Nazism is more akin to radical Islam than communism
    Nazism was not implemented after the war – its very fascist motives where the main driver for the war and they have their roots with Hitler and his band of murderers
    Its about right and wrong Dan – what I feel is right based upon shared values v what you feel is right or wrong based on your own shared values
    For me anything that signifies ‘god given’ superiority and justifies violence is simply wrong. Again the analogy with radical Islamists is far closer to Nazi behaviours than that of communists

  • Hans van den Berg

    He’s an idiot. Hitler would have want to kill him simply because he’s not white and blond. Hitler even had muslim clerics put in camps in North Africa! I’ve lived in Indonesia and I’m ashamed of so much ignorance!

  • Hans van den Berg

    so called “genocide” ? In the name of those same Nazi’s together with the Japanese, your country was occupied, Indonesians were killed, raped, and still those victims have not been recognized. the youth of today are a bunch of morons, thinking they know everything they know is true because they simply found it on the internet. if many Indonesians happen to “like” Nazi as you called it then it is obvious they don’t have brains. NAZI’s were anti black people, anti-Asian people and wanted a complete world with white/blond people. Hitler would not even have you live today!

  • Tyson

    This isn’t newsworthy. There’s too many cowboy themed cafe all over the world commemorating victory over natives Indian American.

    • TalkingEid

      Name one.

  • Christo

    I am Indonesian. I am not familiar with the Nazi ideology and neither the rest of almost 300 mio Indo population. You, Henry, make us sick, idiot! Shame on you, your shallow way of making money , your lack of creativity and your empty soul. At first i thought he is just naive, but then when he talked he’s a nazi fanatic.

  • Tyson

    You need to get out more.

    • jaytee

      thanks for the advice, we’ll do

  • Dimaz Fantaztico

    Anyway, you all talk (edit) only!!! The thing is He finds his cafe theme very unique, attractive and eye catching, so what is wrong with that? It is his own business and money and not yours, why are you all bullshitting and complaining?? It is his brand and copyright. Should have been constructive feedbacks/complaints, I wonder how long such discussion??? Why don’t you all try open the same business as him with your own brand and theme, try compete, let’s see who turn up to be the champion!!! If you do, then syabas!!! if you DON’T then keeeeep quuuuiiiiieeeeeeetttt!!! (((:

    • TalkingEid

      Ill open a cafe devoted to the persecution and murder of you and you family? Is that ok? I mean that would be unique attractive and eye catching, right? Numpty.

    • AMPD

      OMG!!! Do you really understand what the issue is all about, Dimaz Fantaztico, don’t you?! NOT!!!… and, speaking of brand and copyright… what brand and copyright are you referring to, eh?! The reversed swastika? the SS uniform?! What?!?…. Nothing is Henry Mulyana’s copyright here … the SS Uniform belongs to Hugo Boss and the reserved swastika to the Nazi party… I suggest you to go back to school and study well before you say anything…

    • Mikon

      Does that cafe comes with ghastly gas chambers adorned with the ashes of the murdered victims or does it also display little shoes of murdered Jewish children? What the sane people are saying is that the cafe to glorify Hitler isn’t cool. We should learn from history and what happened during Hitler’s regime is a very dark time of humanity.

    • LeeJin

      The voice of uneducated and ignorant Indonesia rings out again. Please refrain from broadcasting your point of view Indon – you are totally moronic.

  • Shamed Indo

    ah, another “intellectual”. You seriously think I’ve missed out on this “holocaust” issue? I’ve read Ellie Wiesel’s “Night”, Spiegelman’s “Maus”, TIME-LIFE photos and documentations. Heck, I was even brought up watching “Baa Baa Black Sheep” and “Combat” on TV! There’s no escaping the holocaust issue in popular media. Never in my replies I have stated that the holocaust was a fictional event, have I? On the other hand I think you missed the point. Was there a picture of people lining up to the gas chamber on that cafe? The stack of horrifyingly thin bodies? Faces staring blankly behind barbed wire? No right? SO HOW COME THE CAFE WAS ABOUT CELEBRATING THE HOLOCAUST? Again, its about WWII German military paraphernalia. And not all German soldiers who fought in the war was pro-Nazi. Ever heard of Erwin Rommel?

  • Shamed Indo

    There’s a COWBOY BAR in kemang area, jakarta. Complete with bandits, indians and a mechanical bull. Does that count?

  • Shamed Indo

    That’s exactly the point I was try to make. One man understanding on certain maters might differ from another, so their reaction on certain symbolism differs. So why does some people automatically bashed someone who displays WWII german military paraphernalia, knowing this fact? I have to admit that Henry’s reply was far from apt and not so “intelligent” at some point. On this, he is wrong, but seeing how he was pictured on the articles gave me the impression that he wasn’t the kind that would promote Nazism. Again, hanlon’s razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

  • Shamed Indo

    The ideology behind swastika? Well its referred as a symbol for good luck in hinduism. And here’s the thing, we’re not in europe. Not many of us suffer the same burden of consciousness with these symbolism. Sure, we were brought up thinking that nazism is evil through popular media, but on the other side we were also raised playing with Tamiya hobby kits of german jagdpanzer and panthers, or playing both side (allies & german army) on computer games. So yeah, perhaps we saw things differently here. Why does that have to be translated as “ignorant” in the first place?

    • human2

      They are different actually the German swastika is a left-clockwork motion, an anti thesis of the
      ‘good’ ,as selected and used by Hitler in the Nazi symbol of ‘power
      & destruction’ was understood as “the symbol of the creating, acting
      life”of a pure breed over humanity by tantric human sacrifice(das
      Symbol des schaffenden, wirkenden Lebens) and as “race emblem of
      Germanism” as pure Aryans.

  • Shamed Indo

    No, FPI headquartes would be in petamburan, and instead of mechanical bull, it would include a mechanical Ka’bah, since they were so keen on riding that issue

  • Hess

    Since when does any news item in the internet become fact?

  • Voxclara

    Wayang is all about Hindu mythologies the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, it can hardly be called facts.

    Rambo is a fictional character. Regardless of what it is derived from or inspired by, it is still a fiction. No one in their right mind would regard Rambo as fact.

    If you regard Nazi paraphernalia is not offensive, then it’s your prerogative. But any decent and civilised soul would find these war paraphernalia offensive, Nazism offensive, because of what Nazism stands for and what it did during WWII. You can call it German WWII military paraphernalia but they are Nazi paraphernalia. Let’s call a spade a spade

  • Voxclara

    Apart from your extreme warped idea of Saudi Arabia, you mean by stating facts is spreading hatreds? Where did you learn this bit of logic? The Pesantren ?

  • Voxclara

    Errrrrr yes tell us, where are the insult on your people and your religion? Do you mean the comments on FPI the Islamist thugs?

  • Roland

    @ 22 roles – you should really also post the source of your incredible wisdom and not just plagiarize.

    Anyway heere’s the source….html

    PS; It has to be noted that it is indeed a British newspaper which run that article….

  • DanielKaimana

    The point is what’s the problem of receiving Arabs money? Everybody enjoys it anyway.. And why Jews money (assuming Jews want to share) is more delicious than Arabs? Are you juice by the way?

  • DanielKaimana

    It’s a part of diversification income.. University needs it anyway after all the cuts. Thanks to Cameron.

  • GIS

    HHmmm, everyone condemns him, it seems like the Allies always be the good guys, they just don’t know Indonesian history, being fooled and colonized by Dutch for 350 years, while Dutch kingdom become rich in Europe we were very poor living in our own country, and after independence, they tried again to take over Indonesia with their military aggressions, we, on 10th of November, celebrate Heroes day to remind us defending our country fighting the Brits and Dutch after independence. Even the Dutch government never admitted our independence day on 17th of August 1945, instead they only acknowledged on 1949 , until it was later days (1998, or 2008? if i’m not mistaken), they admitted our independence on 1945. Although the Japanese also colonized us and harmed us but at least they freed us from Allies threat and at the end of war stage they helped us to prepare independence by supporting BPUPKI (the institute of Indonesian independence preparation), the history, written by the winners of the war,….the forgotten story…

  • Budi

    at the same time, Malay race also considered as inferior human being than Caucasian during the Dutch colonization.. Neither NAZI or Allies is our ally.. And Indonesian is mature enough to not ban any symbol related to Dutch, while European still can not move on from past event happens more than a half century ago..

  • andi arif

    it is Jews whose Nazi killed, not Indonesian. it’s not our business. we don’t share the same enemy. there is no reason we should hate Nazi at the same level as the westerner do.