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US-based brand Wrangler recently released their latest collection “Wrangler Denim Performance,” a new and improved take on their classic “7 Icons” line initially released in 1947.
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Design royalty closed New York Fashion Week on Thursday with bubble skirts from Marc Jacobs, safari chic from Ralph Lauren and minimalist silhouettes from Calvin Klein, paving the way for the European season.
1:06 pm September 10, 2014 | 2 Comments
It’s Fashion Week and Anna Wintour is front row at all the best shows, immaculate in her trademark bob and shades. But come midnight she’s in drag in a nightclub.
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Alexander Wang proved himself one of the biggest innovators in New York fashion Saturday with a fast tempo, uber-cool catwalk show that won personal praise from style icon Rihanna.
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Merdi Sihombing ventured into the jungles of Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, East Nusa Tenggara and Papua to live with each island’s indigenous people for months, immersing himself in their ways of life. For the past decade, Merdi has been researching the archipelago’s traditional handmade textiles and coming up new, innovative ways to promote them.
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In real-life Indonesia, Selia — whose nickname is Sally — decided to study visual design across the waters in Malaysia. It was there that she first met fellow Indonesian Herry Wibisono, who had moved to the Asian federation to learn everything there is to know about product design.
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This year, Lee, the internationally acclaimed creator of denim wear celebrates its 125th anniversary.
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Fashion and interior design have a lot in common; they have the ability to make us feel comfortable and at home no matter where we are, and both represent the personal style and status of the homeowner or wearer.
2:58 pm August 26, 2014 | No Comment
Italian shoemaker Bocorocco utilizes a patented Pillow Concept Technology in creating shoes that provide the wearer with maximum protection and comfort.
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