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Indonesian celebrate Kartini Day today to commemorate the life and struggles of local heroine Raden Ajeng Kartini.
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This is probably the darkest Brandonesia yet, but I simply have to tell you about how much I love The Balletcats.
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Indonesia’s pioneering fashion event coordinator, Studio One, and Senayan City, recently featured four, young Asian fashion talents in the third annual Runway Hits, a portion of the 10-day Fashion Nation event, displaying the work of rising designers.
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The rows of shoes in the factory captured one’s attention immediately, not least because of their bold colors and variety of designs. The shoes are made by Tina Wahono, whose eponymous startup shoe company is also the name to its women’s shoe line. The men’s shoes are known as “Massimo” — Italian for maximum.
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To beef up your wardrobe this season, Uniqlo, the leading Japanese fashion retailer, recently released its spring/summer 2014 collection at its tore at Lotte Shopping Avenue in Jakarta.
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After months of bitter cold, residents of the northern hemisphere are now celebrating the first days of spring.
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When you search the hashtag #menswear on Instagram, more than 1.4 million posts will surface — most of them are selfies, while others usually depict detail shots of various items, from a pair of cool sneakers worn with sweatpants, to a suave pocket square on a fine-crafted suit.
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You think you get your most dramatic personal changes out of the way in your teens and become your own person, with minor little adjustments, but what they don’t tell you — or warn you — about are the growing pains that happen in your late 20s, early 30s. It’s a time when you are transitioning in the workplace from free-wheeler to professional.
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When it comes to comfort and a good fit or feel, no other type of clothing feels more right than a well-fitting pair of denim jeans.
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