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In a global effort to promote the rich variety of their nation’s cuisines, Korean Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corporation and the Institute of Traditional Korean Food are offering Jakarta foodies a unique culinary experience. 
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Nescafe Dolce Gusto is a machine manufactured by Nestle, which brews a wide range of beverages, including coffees, teas and chocolate drinks, both hot and cold, with the specially made NDG flavors.
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While the publishing industry is struggling to keep up with the latest technological advancements, Claudia Kaiser, vice president for business development for the Frankfurt Book Fair, said that one of the few areas that continues to thrive is the cookbook industry.
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I prefer roasting the eggplants rather than deep-frying them. This method will use less oil and give a wonderful flavor with a soft texture. Roasted terong balado works really well with any barbecued or grilled meat or fish. For vegetarians, the side dish works really well with boiled egg, tempe, tofu or as a simple salad.
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Australian food scientists are in Indonesia this week to take part in the Australia-Indonesia Innovative Research Seminar Series, the Australian Embassy said in press release on Monday.
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The Sachertorte, a chocolate cake and one of Austria’s most popular culinary accomplishments, was once the subject of a bitter rivalry between two establishments. 
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For this week’s recipe, I have prepared raw mango salsa, which was inspired by mango sambal raja, a chili paste from Samarinda, East Kalimantan. Enjoy!
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Food is not just something to satisfy your hunger; some may argue that it speaks volumes about your background — which is the main concept of the new Akira Back Restaurant in MD Place, South Jakarta.
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Pizza Barboni is not a place to dazzle a member of the opposite sex on a first date, spoil one’s spouse on an anniversary, or schmooze clients on a business lunch. The menu is limited, the ambience is unspectacular, the table service is non-existent, and the obsession with beards is perplexing. However, as with all the best restaurants, the food speaks for itself.
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