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If you like sandwiches but you don’t want to have too many carbohydrates, perhaps a wrap is something suitable. A wrap is similar to sandwich but rather consists of soft flat bread rolled around a filling.
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Chef and culinary instructor Becky Selengut has come a long way since first experimenting as a child with soggy, canned mushrooms, and she reveals new insights about them in her second cookbook, “Shroom.”
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In collaboration with Justin Mu and Zachary Nice — two talented US-based chefs from Up in Smoke Barbecue — combined with the expertise of executive chef Noguchi Haruhisa, Potato Head presents the “Smoke It Up” menu, an array of elevated classic American BBQ dishes, which promises a month of comforting and indulgent classics.
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The perfect baguette has long been the ultimate test for aspiring bakers the world over. And now the ability to produce this long, thin loaf is in global demand because the appetite for baked delights from France is surging in regions with burgeoning middle classes — notably Asia and the Middle East.
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There’s East 8, a restaurant in Singapore’s central business district that is modeled after the edgy sophistication of urbane Manhattan chic.
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Fitzroy Gastrobar, which is located in the heart of Kebayoran Baru in South Jakarta, effortlessly matches the description of trendy, cool and stylish, which seems to be the prevalent concept of most cafes and bars in Jakarta these days.
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There are many delicious curry dishes from around the world, but Indonesian curries are unique, bursting with different, yet equally mouth-watering flavors. To name a few, these dishes include: ayam tuturuga from northern Sulawesi; opor ayam from Central Java; gulai itik from Aceh; and rendang, perhaps the archipelago’s most famous curry dish of caramelized dried beef from West Sumatra.
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Although it is not a common addition to traditional Indonesian cuisine, yoghurt has grown to be a ubiquitous choice for breakfast or a quick, healthy snack later in the day.
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At Singapore’s multi-purpose resort, Marina Bay Sands, the humble morning meal is serious business. So much so that there are two restaurants catering to the morning repast, each designed, apparently, to cater to a certain personality.
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