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What a joy this book is! I love recipe books, but it’s short-lived; I enjoy the pictures for several minutes, read a few pages, and then my eyes glaze over. They are basically books to be used in the kitchen for one recipe at a time.
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Traditional culinary dishes made a comeback recently as internationally-renowned chefs from all corners of the world convened in Singapore for a world-class epicurean experience at the World Gourmet Summit.
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The Fairgrounds, conveniently located in the midst of SCBD, surrounded by office buildings and only a short walk from Pacific Place mall, has recently developed into a hip and trendy meeting point for Jakarta’s urbanites.
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If you’ve visited Altitude, you’d know that when it comes to high-end dining experiences The Plaza’s 46th floor home of culinary diversity leaves a firm impression — not least because of the view. Take Enmaru, for example. Altitude’s Japanese restaurant was brought to Indonesia by renowned Japanese chef Izakaya.
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Semifreddo is a classic Italian dessert that is similar to gelato or ice cream. The beautiful thing about making semifreddo is that you don’t need to use an ice cream machine. It is very easy to make and comes out with the soft and creamy texture of ice cream. The classic flavor for semifreddo is vanilla, but you can create any flavor you like, from coffee and chocolate to strawberry or anything else, by adding melted chocolate, extract of coffee or fruit extracts.
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While Japanese restaurants have long been a common sight in Jakarta, the majority of them have adopted a fusion style to please the Indonesian palate, even going as far as offering Padang-style sushi and other similarly adventurous creations. Iseya Robatayaki, on the other hand, does the exact opposite.
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The world has become a global village, and what’s happening in one place can easily be shared with the rest of the world with just one click.
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Ikan teri is dried, salted fish, and is found all over Indonesia. The most well-known type is ikan teri Medan, a tiny treat that has spawned a huge industry in the North Sumatra capital.
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The cups of black coffee look unassuming, aside from their obvious power to perk up one’s day. It would have been all too easy to drink them up and let the rich caffeine goodness kick in. But as with many things in life, there is more to them than they seem.
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