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Filmmaker Lucky Kuswandi is regarded as one of Indonesia’s most talented and exciting directors. Featured at several international film festivals, his work has hailed “original and uncharted” by the Wall Street Journal.
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Much buzz has been generated for the new documentary “Jalanan,” an uplifting and thought-provoking film about three street musicians in Jakarta. Directed by Daniel Ziv and a couple of years in the making, the film has received nothing but praise from both critics and audiences.
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American band Tortoise will be making its way to Kuala Lumpur for a show at the Bentley Music Auditorium on May 14.
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When part of a film’s synopsis tells you that it will be a story about “the endless search of [sic] happiness, the struggle to grow up and the battle with loneliness” and its director says he believes “every person was born with a hole in their heart,” you’d best not be expecting sunshine and rainbows. Not that “The Sun, the Moon, and the Hurricane,” Jakarta-based director Andri Cung’s first full-length feature, is an infinite trip into doom and gloom; it simply offers a pensive look into a regular person’s emotional growth as they experience life. Though it isn’t necessarily autobiographical, the film owes plenty to Andri’s personal, if “random,” experiences and of those close to him.
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“Fajar Di Atas Awan” makes it easy to hear why Drag City and now Space Records, labels not unknown for discerning tastes, felt the need to spread the music. A very apt description on the Drag City website is spot on when it describes Suarasama as building their sound on “Indonesian musical tradition, already an amalgam of styles, and add African, South American and Indian jam-a-sutras into the mix.”
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At only 33, Jason Njoku is already considered one of Africa's most promising entrepreneurs thanks to an online film distribution service that has tapped high demand for Nigerian movies.
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Daniel Ziv is busier than ever. The Canadian author and filmmaker just released his long-awaited feature-length documentary “Jalanan” on Thursday, which tells a thought-provoking story about three street buskers in Jakarta.
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In the broiling August heat of Oklahoma, a dysfunctional family is brought together to solve a crisis. But instead of working through the pain, earth-shattering family secrets are revealed; accusations lead to bitter arguments, broken plates, slammed doors and slaps in the face.
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Playing more like an action flick with superhero elements than a full-fledged superhero film, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is a step up from its already-presentable predecessor in terms of both story and thrills. The film is somewhat indebted to the 1970s paranoia flicks and there are encompassing conspiracy elements at play here that are every bit as exciting as the refreshingly minimal CGI action scenes.
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