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Qatar Airways is offering a special 25 percent discount for return travel on Qatar Airways in Economy and Business Class for travel originating from Qatar.
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Perth may not be as happening as Sydney, as sophisticated as Melbourne, or as fun as the Gold Coast, but a different kind of charm can be found in its quiet demeanor and laid-back atmosphere. While it is a big city, Perth undoubtedly exudes a small-town feel, which may not necessarily be a bad combination.
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Buñol. Thousands of half-naked revelers will pelt each other with squishy tomatoes on Wednesday in Spain’s Tomatina, a world-renowned fiesta stained this year by a row over its privatization. Popular with visitors from Britain, Australia, the United States and Japan, the Tomatina brings the small eastern town of Bunol to world attention once a year […]
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He’s a young hotelier who started his career working as a bellboy in Hawaii. Now Erastus Radjimin, the founder of Artotel, is ready to expand and share his brand with the rest of Indonesia. In a country where big-name hotel chains dominate the main cities, smaller establishments have often found it difficult to stand out […]
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Barcelona is a city that almost everyone can agree to visit, no matter what they are interested in. It is a city where the old blends seamlessly with the new, and where the arts are a part of daily life.
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Founded in the 10th century, Harar — also called Jugol — is reputed to be one of the oldest cities in east Africa, with three mosques more than a thousand years old, some of the oldest outside the Arabian Peninsula.
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A pioneer of the premium “all-inclusive” resort concept, Club Med resorts the world over are dedicated to ensuring that guests are provided a range of unique experiences during their holiday, all within the confines of the establishment.
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Though Yangon’s restaurant scene is currently on the quiet side, I believe it will change in the next few years with those serving local cuisine stepping into the spotlight. Here are some of the more memorable restaurants, delis and bistros I visited in the historical city.
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Uber, one of California’s hottest startups, officially launched their car booking app in Jakarta on Wednesday after introducing its services in the limited area of Jakarta’s Sudirman Central Business District in June. Backed by Google Ventures, the San Francisco-based service raised $1.2 billion at a $17 billion valuation this year. Applying a unique business model […]
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