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As the number of tourists in Dubai steadily increases, so does the number of hotels around the emirate city.
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President Frei Base, Antarctica. As the sun sets, the cloudy sky melds with the glaring white of the frozen terrain. Tourists trudging in single file line marvel over blue glaciers in Antarctica, a hip new vacation destination. The group paid a small fortune — $3,000 per head — for a quick five-hour visit to the more »
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Ihad been dreaming of exploring South America for quite a long time, yet it was in December 2011 when I finally made it there. A good friend of mine, an Ecuadorian, invited me to spend New Year’s Eve in Quito, the capital city, saving me from spending a lonely winter holiday.
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Behind tall turquoise doors at the luxurious Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Hotel awaits a haven of wellness and relaxation — the marvelous Talise Ottoman Spa.
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Over the past three decades, Dubai has been transformed from a sleepy fishing village in the middle of the desert to a cosmopolitan city located in the center of the world — two-thirds of the world population is just an eight-hour flight away from here.
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She is often referred to as the “mother of Ubud,” and her restaurant has been a longtime favorite among both travelers and locals: Ni Wayan Murni, a Bali native who recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of “Murni’s Warung” with the launch of a book that includes personal memories and anecdotes of people who have accompanied her on her journey from the 1970s until today.
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As the largest airline in the Middle East that flies to 74 countries from its hub at the Dubai International Airport, Emirates is constantly recruiting new staff and cabin crew that need to be trained properly .
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For those craving a break from the pressures of bustling city life, Bali can offer the perfect, blissful reprieve. Travelers from all over the world visit the island for some much-needed time away from the escalating burdens of daily routines. But with the growing number of tourists flocking to its shores each year, finding a pocket of true tranquility is becoming harder and harder to find.
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In recent years, Middle Eastern cuisine has become more and more popular, thanks to its wholesome and rich approach. When I traveled to Dubai last week, I had the chance to savor the traditional cuisine of the region.
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