1:48 pm September 22, 2014 | No Comment
Hollywood star Angelina Jolie’s decision to make public her double mastectomy more than doubled the number of women in Britain seeking to have genetic breast cancer tests, according to a study released on Friday.
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Sierra Leone's 72-hour nationwide shutdown entered its final day on Sunday, as criticism grew that the extreme action aimed at containing the spread of the deadly Ebola virus was no more than a poorly planned publicity stunt.
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The Ebola virus raging through West Africa is mutating rapidly as it tears a deadly path through cities, towns and villages, but the genetic changes are for now not giving it the ability to spread more easily.
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The number of hungry people in the world has fallen by more than 100 million in the past decade but 805 million people, or one in nine, still do not have enough to eat, three global food and agriculture agencies said on Tuesday.
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Siloam Hospitals Group grabbed two awards at the Patient Safety Awards 2014 during the fourth international patient safety congress in Kolkata, India.
12:58 pm September 14, 2014 | No Comment
Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has appealed to US President Barack Obama for urgent aid in tackling the worst recorded outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus, saying that without it her country would lose the fight against the disease.
1:31 pm September 11, 2014 | No Comment
An Australian was isolated in hospital Thursday after he displayed symptoms of Ebola following a trip to Africa but health officials said it is unlikely he has the deadly virus.
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Indonesia, one of only three countries in the Asia-Pacific region that is seeing a trend of increased HIV infections, must plug a $30 million funding gap in its fight against HIV, a UN health official said on Wednesday.
3:19 pm September 10, 2014 | 2 Comments
A person who had fallen ill with high fever after a recent trip to Nigeria died on Tuesday night at a North Sumatra hospital, sparking fears the patient may have been infected with the Ebola virus, even though malaria seems more likely.
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