No Bikinis at Miss World 2013, Joko Pleads

Miss World 2012 Ivian Sarcos (L) and Miss Indonesia 2012 Ines Putri Tjiptadi Chandra (R) pose for phorographs during Miss Indonesia contest 2012 in Jakarta,Indonesia on April 28, 2012.   ( AFP Photo / Oscar Siagian)

Miss World 2012 Ivian Sarcos, left, and Miss Indonesia 2012 Ines Putri Tjiptadi Chandra, right, pose for photographs during the Miss Indonesia contest 2012 in Jakarta in this April 28, 2012 file photo. (AFP Photo/Oscar Siagian)

Following mounting criticism from conservative Muslim groups, Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo urged contestants of the upcoming Miss World pageant not to pose in bikinis.

“The event should be in line with Indonesian culture,” Joko told Indonesian news portal on Wednesday. “I think the it will be better if they [contestants] do not wear bikini.”

The Sentul International Convention Center in Bogor, West Java, will host the Miss World 2013 pageant on Sept. 28.
Conservative Muslim groups have been criticizing the event as disrespectful to Indonesian values.

The East Java branch of the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI) said that it would send a letter to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to demand that the beauty pageant be scrapped.

Abdusommad Bukhori, the provincial MUI chief, said that as a Muslim country, Indonesia should not have anything to do with such event.

In April, the West Java chapter of the clerical council, claimed that the pageant would “certainly hurt and sully Indonesia’s Muslim community.”

Mukri Aji, the West Java MUI chairman, said the beauty contest was just an excuse to flaunt body parts that should remain covered, adding that it was also impolite and against local religious norms.

The Bogor chapter of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia, a hard-line Islamic group, also voiced its opposition to the pageant and called for it to be moved elsewhere.


  • Good,Bad and Ugly

    Up until one generation ago the Indonesian culture included bare breasts in Bali.

    • Duncan

      it still is all over the nation GBU – only in Java and other hotbeds of radical Islam is it offensive

    • Valkyrie1604

      And then, we seldom hear of rape cases taking place? I guess Eve started it. Guess you’re correct there ‘Duncan.’

  • Kormakoff

    Don’t make it a big issue. They have the same norm everywhere in the world. Please do not refer to the religion there’s nothing to do with it. This is the world competition it’s international. If you against it don’t let the national girl join the world event. I wonder how can Indonesians modernize themselves. It’s wrong since they pointed out the matter.

  • Wonderer

    Let them scrap the contest and let the world know about “New Indonesia”!

  • devine

    “The Bogor chapter of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia, a hard-line Islamic group, also voiced its opposition to the pageant and called for it to be moved elsewhere”… agree… lets move it to Bali…

  • udangdibalikbatu

    “Abdusommad Bukhori, the provincial MUI chief, said that as a Muslim country, Indonesia should not have anything to do with such event.”

    but indonesia isnt a muslim country…

    im sure everyone in sumba, papua and maluku are outraged!!! wait a second nevermind this is the standard for two-faced islam in java. standard.

  • beki

    No more international soccer match because of childish crowd.
    No more concerts because of MUI FPI banned them
    No more Miss World because they dont allow bikini
    Let the culture destroy the economy of indonesia

    • devine

      What these radicals say is actually not even our culture…

      • TalkingEid

        I’m afraid it is rapidly becoming our culture, devine. The Middle Eastern wannabes have hijacked it.

  • meautiayu

    These conservative Muslims are just stupid. Enough with this non-sense. Little less they know, there are hidden bikinis under those burkas.

  • TalkingEid

    Is there something about the name of the competition that I don’t understand? It’s called “Miss World”. Why do we continually harp on that the rest of the world should ‘respect our culture’ when we show not the slightest respect for anyone else’s. “They are all marching out of step with me”.

  • PakLe

    If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Then they won’t be ‘offended’. Just like they can chose to stay away from the thousands of strip clubs in Indonesia, or the hotel bars with sexy dancers and hundreds of hookers, or the semi-porn magazines Indonesians read, or the porn DVDs on sale everywhere, or the entire Internet.

    But no, this is not about that. It’s about appearing to be pious in as public a way as possible. Reject the international beauty pageant because of Bikinis, then go and have a quiet beer in a seedy club to celebrate their PR success.

    I personally can’t stand Miss World and similar, and i won’t bother watching it. But that’s simply a personal preference.

    Should’ve held it in Bali. Imagine if they tried to ban bikinis there! Just hope this isn’t the start of Jokowi bowing to pressure from the loonies.

  • heapologiatoutimotheou

    How about holding the competition in another part of the world that doesn’t adhere to 7th Century standards of morality?

  • Gary Rumain

    I’m sure the burkas would be popular.

  • Tatanka

    Abusommad Bukhori, you are wrong! Indonesia is not a muslim country.

    Mukri Aji, you are wrong too. Which religious normal are you referring to? Indonesia embrace different religions. Unless of you are talking about a religion that practices female genital mutilation, the raping of underage girls and acceptance of prostitution through contract marriages.

    • proud to be christian


  • sheldon archer

    Very disappointed in Joko. Thought that he would stand up to the radicals. Thought that he would be a good president but not anymore. The organizers should insist on having their contest the way they desire or just skip Indonesia

    • proud to be christian


  • Albert Thee

    this is just sad…

  • Valkyrie1604

    Politicians need to “lie” once in a while.

  • Valkyrie1604

    That word “pop” gave me a smile. Nice and thank you.

  • TalkingEid

    I agree. It should be held in a civilized country. We don’t deserve to be treated like one.

    • proud to be christian

      true that

  • Valkyrie1604

    I am glad you stated it as the largest Muslim community and not “the world.”

    At least tell us why you think so?

  • MadWorld

    Bikini too hot to handle for your brain?

    • proud to be christian

      SEEMS LIKE THAT HAHAHAHAHAHA dont wanna see become but for sure later they go online and watch porn :-/ fuuny thing

  • Liefky

    I don’t think Indonesia is a Muslim country. Indonesia is a multicultural country. We respect each other….

  • hogwash

    No bikinis? Yes. Naked only please. :)

  • hogwash

    Perhaps burkini? :) That’s gonna nagging aggressive peace …

  • sissi

    Can’t stand the pageant because of the bikini … But many Muslim men have bunch of mistresses beside their max 4 wives allowed by the religion!!! Jokowi please lahhhhhhh

  • hruni a

    funny from a nation ranked 6th in porno downloads and that with only 26% of the nation having internet coverage

    • tongkosong

      pretty sure you won’t be able to back that up

      • Dezmond Edison Christian

        yes he can and has done …. silence is your trademark

  • hruni a

    I like the facebook like gif on the front page – some wannabe arab next to a chick with a bikini on :) grrr baby very grrr
    ps – too old for the PKS – never ask me to explain

  • Chettiar

    Thought Joko was above this sort of nonsense. Seems perhaps we have overestimated him.

  • MadWorld

    Honestly, I prefer bare chested women compared to burqa clad one

  • Muffinman

    Pak Joko, this isn’t World Cup Soccer or Formula 1. It’s the ‘Miss World Pagent’ and for most of the veiwers around the world it’s pretty much about great looking girls in bikinis (and Indonesia always has some of the best !) . Maybe the problem is that Indonesia lags behind the rest of the world in terms of ‘Freedom of speech and expression’ ?
    and for that reason, Indonesia is not yet ready for this kind of event.

  • fideldidel

    Abdusommad Bukhori, the provincial MUI chief, please get your facts strait especially as a government official, this is NOT a Muslim country far from it it is a country with predominantly Muslims. as a fact of the matter is there are more Christians in this country then there are people in Australia just to put it in perspective. however that is not the issue here. The issue is that you are coming up with things to make this country look bad to the outside world and quite possibly isolate yourself in the future. by saying such un-radical statements.

    just go to Bali, Lombok or any other of the holiday destinations in the country you see bikinis all over the place why is it now such an issue? and this is only one of the many statements i can make why this discussion is a waste of time.

  • Valkyrie1604

    When one lets his/her mouth overload his/her ar**, this is what will happen. He should have kept his trap shut. No matured politician will make such public acclamation, especially when he/she knows that it’s a controversial issue.

  • me

    I am trying to imagine if there’s a protest with women wearing bikini to support this event, it’d be fun to watch their reaction. (yes, we all know they will secretly enjoy that show)

  • Ali

    Very urgent

  • devine

    Bapak Jokowi… Kuta Beach is now off limits for you… (as well as an pool site bbq at any international hotels in Jkt)

  • MadWorld

    What a shameful attitude, fearing beautiful women in bikinis.

  • MadWorld

    Bikini was worn by female athletes in ancient Greece as far back as 1400 B.C. Archeological description of bikini,in south Anatolia, chalcolitic area,dating back to 5600 B.C. There is not a single war caused by wearing bikinis. There are many wars fought based on the ancient scumbag way of thinking of the Sunni Moslim fundamentalism ( including wahhabism the export product of Saudia Arabia).
    ref: Goddesses in ancient India, Abhinav publication 1984,ISBN 0-39-02960-6
    Ancient invention, Ballantine book, 1994, by Peter James, J.Thoye, ISBN

  • Elat

    Hey, you, Proud to be…
    Get your facts straight, before you go spout off your (lack of) knowledge.
    By the way, it is ‘Masjid” and not “meshib”, check it out, baby !
    Check your English spelling too, while you are at it.

    • mauriceg

      @Elat – goodness me, sir / madam, such an abrupt, aggressive, hostile reaction to a heartfelt plea. One doesn’t need so many facts at one’s disposal when one is rudely and noisily wakened at 5am.

      I half-seriously suggest that any faithful Muslim worshipper needing a wake-up call from a muezzin get on an sms list. With luck everyone who needs their call gets it quietly (maybe special ringtones can be provided), without disturbing the neighbours. Your god is probably heartily sickened by the bad neighbourly, over-amplified, childishly triumphalist azan, but sadly Islam requires the noisiest type of superficial ersatz spirituality.
      How’s my English spelling, baby?

  • Elat

    Knowledge is power and a little knowledge is dangerous !
    I find that most of these “commenters” only have little knowledge….

    • devine

      So what are you saying? Is it ok nor not in your opinion that bikini are allowed at the Miss World 2013?

      • Valkyrie1604

        That’s not the point ‘devine,’ We, or most of us on this board have little knowledge and it seems dangerous from the eyes of ‘Elat.’

        We now have one “smart elat” in our midst. LOL!

  • jakarta

    Hold it in Bali then. Indonesian culture is not merely bare-chest Balinese women. There are many other local ethnics which clearly declare Islam as foundation of their culture without leaving its uniqueness and character.

  • TalkingEid

    I guess pious Muslims don’t know where the ‘off’ switch is on their TV.

  • devine

    That this whole issue has become headline news already shows how backward we have become!

  • TalkingEid

    I guess Elat’s knowledge is limited to that quote.

  • kora

    wow,the amount of the comments shows a lot….people pay attention to this kind of issue a lot more than political and economic growth of this country….as indonesian citizen,mr joko has every right to comment about any events in indonesia,whats the ruckus? :-/

  • Elat

    Ha, ha, haaaa! Funny world, isn’t it ?