Snake Kills Security Guard at Bali Luxury Hotel

By Agence France-Presse on 07:11 pm Dec 27, 2013


A python encountered during joint project between Indonesia and French researchers in Papua on October 22, 2010. (AFP Photo/IRD/Christophe Thebaud)

Denpasar. Bali police warned tourists to be on guard Friday after a huge python killed a security guard at a luxury beachfront hotel.

The four-meter snake is still on the loose after the attack early Thursday at the Bali Hyatt, which is in the popular Sanur area but currently closed for renovation.

The security guard, Ambar Arianto Mulyo, spotted the serpent and succeeded in catching it, a police official said.

Mulyo, 59, gripped its head with his right hand and its tail with his left – but the snake proved too strong, managing to wrap itself around his neck and strangle him.

He was accompanied by friends but they were too terrified to step in and help, Gusti Ngurah Yudistira, the head of the police criminal investigations unit covering the Sanur area, told AFP.

“The victim died on the spot as his neck was crushed and he could not breath,” he said.

The snake is still on the loose after a police search of the hotel and its extensive grounds failed to track down the animal, he warned.

“We urge residents and tourists to stay on the alert,” Yudistira said, adding the snake may have slithered into a nearby area of thick foliage opposite the hotel.

The deadly attack came at a busy time on Bali, as foreign tourists pack out the island’s palm-fringed beaches for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Agence France-Presse

  • jericho40

    why did the policeman not have a gun? He could have shot the snake. And his friends were to scared to try to find help and only watched him die.

  • jericho40

    where do you think they come from New York City?

  • Femke den Haas

    Pythons normally wouldn’ t harm anyone, they are a bonus to have around, they kill rats and have no venom! So best to leave the snake alone!! This snake was clearly defending himself.

  • blakep

    Who brought the snake? yeah right?

    “Oh, honey did you remember to pack the 4 meter long 50kg Burmese Python?”

    P.S – how did that score 29 up-votes? Methinks someone is just guest liking their own comments

  • blakep

    “He was accompanied by friends but they were too terrified to step in and help”

    Too terrified to help, or too busy filming the whole thing on their blackberries to help?

  • Darwinista

    He saw the snake and wanted to kill it. Was the snake attacking the policeman? No. The policeman just wanted to kill the snake. So what would you do if you were the snake? Correct. Put up a fight, which is what the snake did.