Supreme Court Upholds Former Police Chief’s Sentence

By SP Arnold Sianturi on 06:25 pm Dec 28, 2013
Category Crime, News

Medan. The Supreme Court has overturned the Medan Court of Appeals’ July decision to hand down four months of probation to a North Sumatra police chief who was found guilty of beating a detainee.

Adj. Sr. Cmr. Fatori Sik now faces two month in prison, which was his original, February Pematangsiantar Court sentence, before it was modified in appeals court.

Fatori was found guilty in the 2010 beating of local television contributor Andi Siahaan, who refused to move cells during a brief period in police custody for an unspecified minor offense, upon which Fatori took him from the cell and beat him while wearing a boxing glove, in full view of other police officers and detainees.

  • Wong Edan

    Well done judges…