TNI Soldier Surrenders After Allegedly Killing Man Over Messy Shoe Rack

By Yuli Krisna on 06:29 pm Oct 13, 2013
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Bandung. An Indonesian Air Force member accused of killing a man and shooting two women in a rage over a messy shoe rack turned himself in to military police on Saturday after a week on the run.

Corporal Rio Budiwijaya was detained by military police at the Husein Sastranegara Airport, in Bandung, Saturday night. Both the Air Force and the Bandung Police will investigate the shooting.

“Because all of the witnesses are civilians… cooperation with district police needed to be conducted,” Air Force spokesman Air Commodore SB Supriadi said on Sunday. “The Military Provost will handle the legal process just because RBW is a military soldier.”

Rio was wanted for the shooting of three people at a boarding house on Gang Narpan, in Bojong Loa Kidul subdistrict, Bandung, on Oct. 6. The solider reportedly entered the room in a fury, demanding who had messed up the shoe rack in front of his illegitimate wife Yani’s room, according to reports on the Indonesian news portal

Before anyone could answer, Rio allegedly opened fire in the tiny room, reportedly shooting his gun in the air and at the floor. One bullet hit the room’s tenant, Ade Kartika, in the leg. Another struck her friend Suprianta in the chest and a third fatally hit Hendi in the head.

A fourth person, Dina, witnessed the crime but remained unscathed.

Rio faces at least five years in prison and possible dishonorable discharge from the Air Force, if convicted, Supriadi said.

“Seeing as how in this case he killed a man, the punishment could be more than five years,” he said. “While he could also be dismissed from the force based on the [outcome] of the trial as a military sanction.”

  • Bagobeans

    Oh sure, he just killed a person and could get 5 years… Why wouldn ‘t you just kill anyone that you want for pre-meditated murder and spend that amount of time incarcerated

  • Peter Griffin

    What does “illegitimate wife” mean? That she was born out of wedlock?

  • Good,Bad and Ugly

    Civilian crime – civilian court!
    Stop these discriminatory privileges for the military and religion and royalty.
    The basis and foundation of democracy must eliminate these dictatorial classes before the people enjoy freedom and liberty.

  • reality

    Are Indonesia at war? If not, crimes are crimes regardless where the criminal works! But in 3rd. world countries this is maybe “normal” practice?

  • Wong Edan

    This guy should know that individuals in the Indonesian “military” are not allowed to kill civilians. Members of the TNI are only allowed to murder civilians when working with colleagues. This and only this qualifies them for hero status.

  • Roland

    Sounds perfectly reasonable to me to kill someone for a messy shoe-rack – happens all the time I guess – at least an educating beating (paah – she’s “just” an “illegitimate” and therefore unworthy woman anyhow and the other victims – why did they have to stand around when such an important person as a TNI corporal – whooah- enters the room).

    Nobody even wonders how a corporal (a very low-ranking military position!) has even (legitimate?) access to a side arm and to live munition and, even worse. is carrying it freely around, and seemingly randomly uses it on civilians because certainly the shooting was just a provoked random act and NOT pre-meditated murder (at least judging from this article).!

    Now, of course the first paragraph was meant to be sarcastic – I truly do not understand why murder on civilians need to be tried in a military court with a murky outcome (and it certainly will be such an outcome judging from many earlier military trials – remember the army gang roaming Jakarta a while ago on bikes and “revenging” someone). Most likely scenario will be that he will get a couple of years in military jail (or maybe even not that due to the “understandable” issues and because he behaved polite in court and had a spotless career so far … yadda yadda yadda), gets a year or so of promotion stop and that’s it. Army “justice” served.

    But in any case, I know now already well that we will actually never ever hear from this case again…

  • Duncan Tan

    5 years…. amazing