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After years of record profit growth, tech giant Samsung Electronics looks to be at a commercial crossroads as it searches for a new growth driver to counter slowing sales of its phenomenally successful smartphones.
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Indonesia’s economic boom in recent years has spawned a burgeoning middle class with more and more money to spend, and facilitated the growth of Internet access throughout the country. In that time there has been no shortage of enterprising individuals and companies stepping in to bridge the two, giving rise to a wide range of more »
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Warnings about the danger exposed early this week reached widening circles on Thursday, with everyone from website operators and bank officials to Internet surfers and workers who telecommute being told their data could be in danger.
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Xiaomi has become one of China’s top smartphone competitors in four years. The Beijing-based company’s appeal: It offers the technology and style of Apple or Samsung Electronics at less than half the cost.
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Indonesian biggest telecommunications operator Telkom will shut down Flexi, its CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) subsidiary, by the end of 2015, a director with the company said on Monday.
10:54 am April 6, 2014 | 1 Comment
San Francisco. People clinging to Microsoft’s aging Windows XP operating system will be left to fend off cyber criminals by themselves come Tuesday. On April 8, the US software colossus will stop patching newly found security holes in Windows XP code that hackers could exploit to slip into computers. Despite Microsoft’s long-heralded plan to stop more »
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Global spending on information technology is set to rise this year, as people use more mobile devices including tablets and smartphones and businesses adapt to accommodate higher usage, according to research group Gartner.
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Microsoft on Wednesday took on Apple’s Siri and Google Now with a smartphone personal assistant dubbed “Cortana.”
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Apple is likely to release its newest iPhone globally in September with a higher resolution and bigger screens, Japan's leading Nikkei business daily reported Friday.
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