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Though Yangon’s restaurant scene is currently on the quiet side, I believe it will change in the next few years with those serving local cuisine stepping into the spotlight. Here are some of the more memorable restaurants, delis and bistros I visited in the historical city.
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Uber, one of California’s hottest startups, officially launched their car booking app in Jakarta on Wednesday after introducing its services in the limited area of Jakarta’s Sudirman Central Business District in June. Backed by Google Ventures, the San Francisco-based service raised $1.2 billion at a $17 billion valuation this year. Applying a unique business model […]
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The performers entertained the audience, delighting them with their repertoire. Carried out in the traditional Betawi, or native Jakarta, dialect, their interaction describes the traditional courtship of men and women during the capital’s colonial period — the coquettish flirtation by the woman, and the ardent advances by the man, both in their traditional garb. This […]
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Paris. Note to romance-struck couples strolling in Paris, the eternal city of love: please consider immortalizing your passion with a “selfie” rather than lashing a padlock to a city bridge. That was the message issued on Monday by city hall authorities, desperately trying to save its bridges, including the world-famous Pont des Arts, from damage […]
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Mark into your diary a pilgrimage to the highlands of Mount Lawu in Central Java, where you will find exotic Javanese-Hindu temples, refreshing waterfalls, challenging treks, breathtaking scenery of lush tea plantations and forested hillsides, and most importantly for oxygen-deprived city dwellers, fresh air and serenity.
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In the village of Haro in Spain’s northern region of La Rioja, is a home that is visited by 22,000 people each year to explore the vineyards and its underground labyrinth, which stores the 400,000 bottles of wine produced by the winery annually.
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Peacock Island, located on the western fringe of Berlin city, hosts a castle King Friedrich Wilhelm II built between 1794 and 1795 for his mistress. 
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Kendari, the capital of Southeast Sulawesi, provides the perfect base to get out and explore, with daily flights available from Jakarta to Kendari, via Makassar.
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Berlin is a city tremendously rich in history and culture, and tourists to the German capital will find no shortage of places to visit. But Berlin is also home to a large number of old, abandoned buildings, decaying and forgotten.
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