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Berlin is a city tremendously rich in history and culture, and tourists to the German capital will find no shortage of places to visit. But Berlin is also home to a large number of old, abandoned buildings, decaying and forgotten.
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I visited the mosque close to prayer time at noon. Men and women began streaming in, and the muezzin struck up his plaintive and melodious call to prayer. It was thrilling and sentimental at the same time.
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To foreign observers the 800 inhabitants of the village of Setulang live in a rustic idyll at the edge of a pristine forest. But these members of the Kenya Dayak that live in the North Kalimantan district of Malinau yearn for a paradise steeped in the traditions of their tribe. “I left our original homelands […]
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Wahyuni Kamah visits the tombs of Hafez and Sa’adi and discovers the power of Sufi poetry over the centuries
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Leang Petta Kere is one of about a hundred caves that have been identified by the Makassar Center for Cultural and Heritage Preservation as once being home to hunter gatherers.
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It was the end of spring time in Tehran, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And my afternoon trip to Shemiran, an area in the north of Tehran, soothed me.
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Ask children to name their favorite time of the year, and you’ll be met by a chorus of squeals and giggles followed by one common, if not unanimous answer: holiday.
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Mohamed and Peyman Al Awadhi, the Emirati brothers who host an online travel show called Peeta Planet, travel around the world using social media to guide them. Their most recent episode features Jakarta. 
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Hoga in the Wakatobi islands off Southesat Sulawesi is the perfect place to explore untouched marine life and relax in peace and quiet.
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