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Uber Technologies, maker of the ride-hailing application that’s fighting bans by two German cities, may face additional setbacks in the country as other communities weigh blocking or restricting the service.
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Baghdad. Islamic State insurgents posted a video on Tuesday purportedly showing the beheading of US journalist James Foley and images of another US journalist whose life they said depended on how the United States acts in Iraq. The video, titled “A Message To America,” presented President Barack Obama with bleak options that could define America’s […]
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Clashes between police and protesters in the US town of Ferguson are reminiscent of the racial violence spawned by apartheid in her native South Africa, the top UN human rights official said on Tuesday.
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Washington. Steven Spielberg, Justin Bieber and Bill Gates are among many celebrities pouring buckets of ice water over their heads and donating to fight Lou Gehrig’s disease, in a fundraising effort that has gone viral. Since June, several thousand people worldwide have recorded themselves getting drenched, then posted the stunt online and challenged others to […]
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The mother of American journalist James Foley, who was purportedly beheaded by Islamic militants, said on Tuesday her son gave his life to expose the suffering of the Syrian people and she asked his kidnappers to release their other captives. “He was an extraordinary son, brother, journalist and person,” Diane Foley said in a post […]
7:41 am August 20, 2014 | 7 Comments
Jihadist group the Islamic State on Tuesday claimed to have executed American journalist James Foley in revenge for US airstrikes against its fighters in Iraq. The Islamist group released a video showing a masked militant purportedly beheading the reporter, who has been missing since he was seized by armed men in Syria in November 2012. […]
7:29 am August 20, 2014 | 1 Comment
Gaza City. Israel hauled its negotiators back from talks in Cairo and warplanes hit Gaza on Tuesday after Palestinian rockets smashed into the south as the two sides were observing a 24-hour truce. Nine days of relative quiet in the skies over Gaza came to an abrupt halt on Tuesday afternoon when three rockets struck […]
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Ferguson, United States. Police shot dead a knife-wielding man Tuesday near the US town roiled by 10 days of protests over the police killing of an unarmed black teenager, threatening to further ratchet up tensions. It came as the attorney for the family of Michael Brown, who was shot dead by police in Ferguson on […]
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Egypt said on Tuesday it is closely following protests in the US town of Ferguson where troops have been deployed after racially charged unrest, echoing support for the right to hold peaceful demonstrations.
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