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Australia is considering tougher laws to stop animal rights activists secretly filming on farms and abattoirs and airing the vision in an effort to protect a multi-million dollar livestock trade, a move rights groups say will hide abuse.
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Suspected Taliban gunmen stopped two vehicles in central Afghanistan and shot dead 15 passengers at the side of the road, officials said on Friday, in the latest attack to highlight the growing civilian toll from violence.
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Signs of renewed efforts for a Gaza ceasefire were evident on Friday as the death toll continued to climb after Israel shelled a UN shelter killing 15 Palestinians.
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Jerusalem. US airlines lifted a flight ban to Israel on Thursday as Washington’s top diplomat cited progress in ending 17 days of bloodshed in Gaza which has killed 718 Palestinians. The ban was lifted just hours after US Secretary of State John Kerry wrapped up talks in Jerusalem and Ramallah and returned to Cairo to […]
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A poster near the manager’s table lists six Western brands, including the Coca-Cola, as “Israeli” and says they won’t be served in a campaign adopted by about 800 Muslim businesses in the city. In India, where governments for decades after independence supported the Palestinian cause, opposition to Israel often involves criticism of the US and European nations deemed to favor the Jewish state.
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Eindhoven. Dozens more bodies from the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 are set to arrive in the Netherlands on Thursday, as the EU prepares to hit Russia with fresh sanctions. Foreign ministers from the 28-nation bloc said they would meet in Brussels on Thursday to draw up a new list of Russian individuals […]
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Gaza/Jerusalem. The death toll in Gaza topped 700 on Thursday as Israeli tank fire before dawn killed 16 people in the Hamas-dominated coastal territory, including six members of the same family, Palestinian health officials said. The continued violence defied world efforts to achieve a ceasefire between Israel and the Islamist group Hamas after 17 days […]
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Singapore’s civil aviation authority has asked airlines based in the city-state to review their risk assessment of conflict zones following the shooting down of a Malaysia Airlines jetliner over Ukraine last week.
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The black boxes from the downed Malaysian jet have begun giving up information a week after the tragedy in east Ukraine, with the examination of bodies also under way as crash experts seek evidence of a missile strike.
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